Early Optimism and Sweet Ice...

Storm is leaving the area, now its time to find some ice.

Who wants to donate a day's wages and a tank of gas to the GWCR? We gotta find a site!

And by that I mean, take the day off, get in your car and tell us what you're seeing!

Thanks to Dirk for his reports on Dead/Ottertail and Battle Lakes!

Contact the IceMaker if you're willing?

Carpe DN


Lake Waconia Ice Report

09:30 Wed Dec 1
Large holes and some long leads from the strong winds are still open on Waconia. Temps down to 11 tonite and 6 Thurs will close them up, but could make racing iffy for Fri. Surface looks good, somewhat grainy from snow fallong after the rain, but not chopped up and refrozen. Sorry, but I'll be gone from Thurs thru the weekend--Safe travels and fair winds to all!

Pictures sent to Mark

I just e-mailed some photos and some other "site info" to Mark. I'll let him take a look and share with others in the "site selection group" and/or repost them on this site.

Dirk Siems
DN US445

Dirk Siems
DN US445

Forest lake / white bear

currently blowing snow 1/2 mi vis, roads r wet but no observed precip.

Lakes are now snow free, 98%, stippled snow ice covering 2-5" clear ice.

Must return to work, seeking walked on reports from bald eagle and pepin.

This ice report is sponsored in part with the generous support of rum jungle media.

Photos pending!

With the posts below, and the two new lakes i just walked on, we have great choices to discuss as we look at the weekend forecast.

Pics posted shortly!


That would be...

Thanks To Rum Jungle Media!

Not sure if interested or

Not sure if interested or not but I think we are going to end up with a great sheet of Ice here in Thunder Bay.It rained all day so the lakes have a cover of water over the ice.Getting real cold here tommorow night.

There is a nice slab of ice

There is a nice slab of ice in Bayport MN on the Croix, and will be ready by tomorrow, Wednesday Dec.1....
3-4" of ice looking like the photo of Medicine lake.
Lower Croix south of Hudson still open.

knee deep in the Hoopla

Battle Lake :)

I drove by Battle Lake about 8am and it looks like the the nice smooth ice has blown clear!! :) I'm down in the Willmar area until Thursday, but a friend of mine plans to check out the ice on the west end of Otter Tail this afternoon to see if it too blew clear. I'm thinking most likely it has :) My friend plans on sending me some pictures this afternoon, I'll pass the news along as soon as I hear from him.

Dirk Siems
DN US445

Dirk Siems
DN US445

early optimism

At first light, the small bays around Lake Minnetonka have a slight grey tint from the snow frozen into yesterdays rain, in Deephaven we've recieved less than 1/2" of snow.

Little is forecast in some areas today, still looking for a lot of ice information, current state of ice surface and ice thickness:

Lake Washington
Lake Buffalo
Forest Lake
Ottertail/Battle Lake
Lake Pepin

See Photos and you'll know why I'm hopeful right now!

Medicine Lake, Plymouth, MN
Medicine Lake, Plymouth, MN

Rice Lake, Brainerd
Brainerd, MN
Alexandria, MN Arrowwood Resort
Alexandria, MN

Albert Lea
Albert Lea, MN Southern MN

Austin, MN
Austin, MN (close to Pepin)

Red Wing Airport, (Hager City, WI)
Red Wing Airport, (Lake Pepin area)