The primary site for what promises to be an EPIC GREAT WESTERN CHALLENGE IS FOREST LAKE!


We're near the edge of the forecast snow band...

Alternate sites exist if we need to run... some in perfect condition! it's going to be epic!

That talk of snow


Yahoo. Any one bringing

Yahoo. Any one bringing skates?

HQ Best Western White Bear

An excellent regatta hq, great rate from great friends of sailing.

Best Western White Bear Country Inn
4940 N Hwy 61
White Bear Lake


Ask for Ice Boating Rate

Not liking the looks of the

Not liking the looks of the forcast for Friday night,4-6" of snow ouch.

A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere!

The Brainerd area is looking attractive. And frankly now that I've looked at the weather a bit closer, this doesn't seem overly daunting.

We're in a great place, on the north east side of some clipper event. If we need to move the event, it won't be far, 60 - 90 miles will probably do.

The snowfall outlook in the Brainerd/Mille Lacs and certainly Duluth Areas is unremarkable.

All we need to do is find another lake, that's why we know where 3,500 that might work are located! Some steps are being taked, miles to be driven along that front.

4-6" of snow ouch

I'm heading back to Otter Tail Lake area tonight, I'll keep you posted if we are lucky enough to miss the snow there.

Dirk Siems
DN US445

Dirk Siems
DN US445

the forecast for Forest Lake is fine

Maybe an inch in Forest Lake won't be a problem.