New Years Eve ice update

A quick walk on West Arm of Lake Minnetonka this morning confirms that all the rain and warm temps yesterday, followed by the big chill down to 15F last night has made the ice look decent with snow ice and lumps and bumps. I wonder how the main lake has faired. The MYC camera does not show enough detail, but a ride today before the new snow and ice event arrives looks possible. Anyone interested?

Minnetonka 1/2/11

Sailed Minnetonka today. There was one Skeeter and 5 DN's. Wind was light but good until about 3:30. Hit several patches of shell ice all over various locations in the lake that was 1.5" thick ice with 2" air space. Be very careful, this shell ice was enough to bend the aluminum stiffener on two runners. Still fun. It may be good during the week if there is wind.

another Tonka report

I was one of the DNs out there today. The lake is sailable for sure, especially if you've got some wind. The only hazard was the shell ice, which was rather rare. I hit it twice and in both cases it was nearer Big Island. There were some snow patches which were sticky in the light air. We had a great time.

Gideon's Bay

I just got in from a walk to the middle of Gideon's Bay on Minnetonka. Good hard snow ice, very few remaining drifts. The lake has flattened out nicely, even the snow machine tracks have all but disappeared. Main lake was 50% smoother than Gideon's when we sailed last week so it may be really good now. Any one is welcome to set up at Shorewood Yacht Club.
Mike M

1-1-11 Minnetonka

Tried to sail Minnetonka today: Doing slow gybes down wind from SYC toward main lake checking ice of Gideon's, Excelsior Echo working our way to the main lake. It was colder than f@#&. No hazards found until we hit some 1" shell ice over 4" of water in front of Veteran's Bay. Had to pull the boat out, got all wet, sheet froze solid and wouldn't run through the blocks. limped back to SYC to thaw out. Other than that it was pretty darn smooth for snow ice with the only real bumps from frozen snow machine tracks. Very sailable. Will be out again tomorrow.


has clear ice as of fri noon. per adam.

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Calhoun is a hockey rink...

Grade 7 of 10. 10" thick snow ice, no shelling. Nice stuff overall and very sailable.

We missed a great sailing day today but it was a lot colder than forecast. So it goes... Adam

Planning to set up on

Planning to set up on calhoun around noon saturday. How to see everyone there.



Ice is a little rough, and

Ice is a little rough, and so are the gusts, but all in all it's a great day sailing.



Should be exciting ...

MSP Airport wind at 12:14pm: 18.4 mph sustained, 28.8 mph gust.

Yee Hawww!

look to pepin, lacrosse or madison for ice, sunday

sunday and monday. i dont' have enough ballsss for sat. markham making an ice check in lacrosse sat am. anyone get us a report on sat from lake city or pepin city for sunday boating?

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Pepin Ice

I have a call out to my cousin who lives on Pepin at Lake City. Sunday works for me if it sounds good. I will update when I hear.

Lets Go Sailing

Ssiling on Pepin would be great, Ready to go for Sunday!
US 4824

Pepin ice report

My cousin who lives on the shore of Pepin at Lake City just walked the ice Sat at noon. Solid snow ice with about a dusting to 1/2 inch of snow last night. Some rough pebbly texture but very boatable. Can't see any heaves or cracks. Strong wind there now.
Unless a better report comes in the Twin Cities area, I plan to be there at 10 AM Sunday at the public ramp in Lake City. He lives right across the street!


I walked out on Minnetonka at 11 AM today. Looks great, and I'm set up at Shorewood Yacht Club. Too much boat breaking cold and wind today, but plan to sail Minnetonka tomorrow. Hope there is some interest, it is not often that you can sail the entire main lake.

Coralville, Iowa

Looks like I won't have to drive north just yet. Ice here an easy 9 at the Rez. Wind today was sliding me downwind in my shoes.