racing called on for lake city, 11am sunday.

main lake minnetonka looks little rough. maybe ok for big boats and sailable. but lake city not too far and better ice. set up at city ramp south of downtown. mike miller, dr, adam, meyer, plus??

Dr, mike, nick setting up

Dr, mike, nick setting up in10F sunshine at roadside park south end of lake city ice looks great. Brian setting up 3 miles north of town. Take your pick!

Pepin sounds good to go

SW winds at 7-9 a dusting of snow cover, high of 17F and sunshine to start sounds good.
Some of the best iceboating scenery south of Thunder Bay awaits. Time to load em-up! Hope to be there by 10.

Pepin Sunday report

Light air. Handful of boats. Snow free but fairly bumpy surface with growing heaves and patches of shell ice. Ice rating about a 3. No racing.


Wind picked up for an hour

Got things wound up for a few good rides at end of day. Some scarry moments when the runners drop 3 inches in a 100 foot square section of shell ice!! Lucky they were few and far between, but would have been suicide on Sat in the 20+ stuff.
No damage done.