Johnson Cup - 2011 Short Course Championships March 12 & 13TH!

SAVE THE DATES! MARCH 12 & 13 For the fourth successive Johnson Cup, short course championships!

Notice of Exhibition Race is forthcoming!

The medium range forecast is outstanding, with colder than average temps forecast for the next two weeks, we're lining up for what may be the best weather (warm temps and great spring ice) that we've ever sailed on. What's good for us isn't good for Fargo-Moorhead's flood outlook, because when the melt happens it'll be fast, it's likely to be a gully washer.

Wayzata Bay
A practice track is being plowed today in Wayzata, this may prove to be our Johnson
Cup Venue. Photos's to follow. Assuming we can make this track wide enough to jybe at speed it'll be available for hot laps starting Saturday!


There is currently 5.5" wet snow covering the ice, thickness is currently validated as suitable for DN sailing as vehicle traffic is abundant on the bay, generally SUV and Pick-up truck fishing related.

Spring IceBoating, what a way to end winter blues!

Carpe DN


you didn't plow one circle twice as big as the 2 ovals

would be better for same amount of plowing and no wrecks on the corners

ya xxxxx

Looking forward to

Looking forward to it,already had some practice on the track here in Thunder Bay

Is it still a go?

Is it still a go?

It would be nice to get some

It would be nice to get some more info and a list of who is thinking of comming.

Who's coming and who's not...

The Pope isn't coming, neither is the Dali Lama, I've yet to hear from Charlie Sheen, but he might be crazy enough. :)

We'll soon be getting commitments, such as they are in IceBoating.

IceBoating, either you're committed or you should be.


Wow, Now it's going to be an International Event, EPIC!