Track Open for hot laps in Wayzata!

Bring your iceboat to the WYC Winter Party:

The tracks are plowed in Wayzata Bay, a map of the as plowed tracks will be posted shortly. There's a road out to the sailing area, the ramp is very difficult, we plan to park on the dormant upwind/downwind course, and sail reaching legs.

Saturday 3/12 on the track

Had great fun Saturday on the Wayzata track. Great wind for the straights and good practice picking optimal route to maintain speed through turns. Only 2 DNs on the track all day long. We were both lifting skates down the straights. 3 new sailors showed-up to check-out the sport and enjoyed the chance to take the tiller and experience hard water sailing.

Thanks for putting the tracks-up!

I would say a lake with black ice and strong winds is crazy fun but I'll take a plowed track with good wind over sitting at home waiting for the snow to melt and the wind to blow.

Think ICE!

Sailing Monday PM?

Anyone interested in sailing Monday PM at oval on Minnetonka?
Bruce 612-481-9311

Sunday March 6 Sailing recap

4 DNs sailed the Wayzata Tracks, the North/South Track proved to be the active track, at about 1/4 mile length.

Lap times ranged from 45.3 to 29 seconds a lap depending on the breeze... some runner flying on the straights for almost all but the slowest of laps.

The snow cover on the ice was still a little sticky, we're planning to flood the track following plowing for next weekend's Johnson Cup. Holding speed thru the turns was critical in catching and passing other boats.

Visibility got a bit iffy about 4:00 and that ended the hot laps and match racing...


Got some track time in on Tuesday. Winds were rocking and was able to escape any carnage. My cohort can't say the same. Tons of turning and very steep learning curve. Still enough snow on ice to need 12+ We had all of that and got all the DN workout program had to offer. I think this is a viable concept and with our wacky weather may prove to be a cure for cabin fever. Thanks to your efforts all.

Just put your foot to the floor and turn left?

We're down to pretty much bare ice, I expect the track will see some use this weekend, the forecast looks perfect for Saturday!

Sunday sailing for 2

2 boats made the short trip out to the tracks on Wayzata Bay. There is a plowed road out to it. Take a right turn along shore and follow the road to a plowed entrance. The conditions looked promising with about a 10 Mph SW wind. The track still had a crusty snow in many places plus the 1 " of fluff impeding progress with plate rumnners. As the wind went right to West and hit 13MPH we finally got moving. The No/So course was used and after only 3-4 laps, the wind backed down to 8-10 which was not enough to stay moving!
It needs a little more plowing and a sunny few warm days to melt the crust!


I can't wait to see the final tracks. We laid them out bigger and wider than Phalen. Wind looks a bit light with snow showers today but Sunday at 10MPH will be perfect. Should be no problem keeping the boats set up for both days and we have WYC a short walk away.
The drive on the ice road is just west of Sailing School or 300 yards west of WYC.
The first 10 feet on the ice by shore has some pot holes so go slow and straddle them with your wheels and should be no problem for SUV's and trailers. Ice is plenty thick as we had plow trucks and my GMC Envoy on it. The tracks are in the middle of the bay for best ice and winds.