Johnson Cup Update -

Short Course Racing's still IceBoating...

Conditions at Primary Site Buffalo Lake are questionable, a more thorough inspection is ongoing.

Ice reporters are currently walking the Ice on White Bear Lake, for this now epic and international 3rd Johnson Cup. MikeM from Thunder Bay is here and chomping to go racing.

The ice on Sturgeon Lake, site of the 2010 Great Western Challenge is reported to be most excellent.

Ice reports are encouraged.

It's already epic.


Any body else up for

Any body else up for Sturgeon tommorow,hope I am not on all that great ice by myself.Temp down to 18 in Moose Lake tonight and wind up to 10 mph tommorow.


how early and how long ? drove to Pepin this afternoon and the fat lady is singing. Would be interested in meeting up at lake to sail. reply asap, thanks, excelsior

Mike may be offline for the

Mike may be offline for the evening, but when I talked with him earlier this evening he was planning to leave Buffalo at 7:00am and drive directly to the ice at Sturgeon Lake.

Ice on Sturgeon is probably

Ice on Sturgeon is probably the best ice I have seen all year,kicking myself for not staying for a sail.Actually my wife was kicking me for thinking of staying.Unless I hear other wise I am heading back there early tommorow.Landing is still locked in you can still drive out on the Lake.

this might be the last great ice of the year

the red runners may come out yet, but ...

details to follow

of course there is a track plowed... shouldn't be any slush!

Wayzata Bay...

We can't have an event, race, speed contest or exhibition of any kind on that lake...

I believe we might be able to sail there...

an ice report is forthcoming!

Ice Report, Wayzata

It might be perfect, but you can't get to it,

The Ramp is toast, slush is deep on the portage out...


5366 looked at sunrise, thought it was ripening nicely and will inspect shortly...

Calhoun is so not there!

2-3" of slush remain on Calhoun, it's not suitable for walking.