Nites on Tonka and Bald Eagle DNs to Kegonsa 12/30/16

The Tonka Nite fleet will set-up Friday in front of the fire lane next to Harry Allen's in Cottagewood. Th ice will be rough. Be sure to scout the ice as the lake has not been sailed. Never sail alone. The Bald Eagle Nite Feet is already on the ice and plans club racing this weekend. Kudos to BEIYC Commodore Bill Reed for rallying the troops. The DNs are heading to Lake Kegonsa near Madison for Friday scrub racing with the 4 Lakes IYC. The best ice reportedly is in front of Springers.

Madison Anyone?!!!

There is ice on Kegonsa. I say we go down Friday and sail. You could also stay and sail the Grand Slam FUN Regatta which has ben called "Tentatively ON" for Dec 31, 2016 - Jan 1, 2017 on Kegonsa. 4 Lakes IYC Commodore Ken Norton reports 6" of hard ice, no snow, with a bit of ripple and no bumps. He rates it a 6.5 and a 7 in terms of quality.

Centrals and Lake Pepin 12/28/16

Our friends in the Central Region, lead by Commodore Bill Cutting, had hoped to squeeze in the 2016 Central Championships before the new year. Unfortunately, the forecast is not cooperating. The word on the street is that the regatta will be canceled.

But, I do know they are sailing in Michigan. I have received reports that Struble, Sherry, Grogan and a few other speed freaks are sailing as I write this. They have great ice but a relatively small venue.

Pepin is being scouted today. Stay tuned for the report. Think Ice!

Sailing out of Harry's wed. 12/28

Might be a little rumbly for DNS. Prob ok larger boats. See if ok for fri. Sat. Sun. Otherwise. Lake city looks smoother. Meyer

Deadline for DN Worlds Registration

The 2017 DN Worlds are coming to the Western Region Jan 22-28.
Early deadline registration without penalty deadline ends Dec 31. No extensions are planned.
Save money by getting this done in the next 5 days. Go to the website to register.
There are now almost 50 pre registered!

Lake Waconia

Check In Towne Marina's Facebook page for updates on ice thickness. I live 40 ft. ,above the lake on the southern shore so I am able to see almost the entire lake. After our Christmas rain, no snow remains. Although it froze slushy so is rough. I would be happy to field phone calls at 952-442-4741. I believe the golf course restaurant is closed for the winter, but plenty of warm up locations in St. Bonifacius as well as Waconia. I'm an "old" iceboater from Tawas Bay, Michigan.

Ice for thurs 12/22 and 23

Main lake froze so unless snow blows off need to find a lake that is water sat am to freeze that night or sunday please report such a lake ?pepen Gull green lake spicer millacks???

Dn for sale boat has been sold

Dn for sale, Gougeon hull Sarns blunts stainless angles,Harken blocks. Goodwin style mast,glass over Ash-redwood carbon tube 1,800$ 612-834-8713

Pos ice for wed12/14

The bay shorewood yc is open so hope enough clear ice by wed not huge area but goes to sun set pt put on at firelane end of hazel st off of to ka bay rd Meyer

Swede Lake ice report

Swede Lake (north of Waconia ) has 3 inches of smooth sailable ice. If you stayed local this weekend, come on out! Not much wind today, but probably enough. I am going to see up the ice surfer / free skate / windsurfer thing. I also drove by Waconia, which is half froze and will lock in tonight.

Great Western Challenge - Brainerd!!!!

JD and Jimmy do the impossible: Find ice in Brainerd.
Friday is always the best day. See you there!

DN Parts wanted.

I am looking for a plank set up for #220, Affordable insert runners, and maybe a Forstmann boom. Smaller items I would be interested in would be a set of inside attachment plates, socket style mast step base, tiller locking pin, and Sta Masters for side stays. I am also looking at modifying my cockpit. if anyone is having a shop might I would like to attend and contribute. Please let me know!

DN 1419

Wanted DN Sail in Average to Good Condition (ie $250 to $350)

Wanted DN Sail in Average to Good Condition

Western Challenge Regatta -- CALLED ON!

The cold weather has been cold and there is more cold weather on the way!

It's on!

Primary site is Lake Christina, Ashby Minnesota, mile marker 8.

Friday Dec 9th (practice, like usual), More formal racing Sat-Sun Dec 10th and 11th.

Good job on thinking ice everybody!

Willy from 2003 Western Challenge

70s DN cruiser for sail

good condition, pretty quick DN, $1200. upgraded hardware, shrouds, decent sail, sarns bulnose runners, everything complete. Mike, Edina, MN, 612.834.6592

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