Nite Nationals creates storm-proof plan. Called on for February 6-7

Nite Nationals is called on for Feb. 6 & 7 with a clever plan to overcome an expected snowfall.

"They" say a fairly hefty storm will dump a narrow path of snow across Wisconsin from the southwest to the northeast. If the storm track slips east, the regatta will be at Maiden Rock on Lake Pepin. If the track slips west, the regatta will be on Pewaukee. And if the storm gets fat and hits both lakes, then Fox Lake is the cards.

There will be a contingent of Minnesota sailors attending. This regatta features split fleets so there will be good racing for everyone.

It's so good, it's posted twice

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Saturday, Jan. 30th Lower Lake Minnetonka

Boats will be setting up Saturday morning to sail the Lower Lake of Minnetonka. Driving on off Lake Avenue and parking on the ice near Minnetonka Yacht Club. Could also carry on near Harry's.

Buoys will be set. Don't know if we'll be toward Excelsior or out in the main lake. Hope to start sailing at 10:30 by doing a final scouting of the ice. Friday afternoon report was flat, black ice with 30% soft snow of under 1/2". There are some remnants from fish houses that need to be marked. All are welcome. Could have two fleets -- Nites and DNs.

ISA for January 29-31 is snowed out. Call goes out for more (new) ice checkers

The ISA committee thought they had this one nailed with two lakes with awesome black ice a thousand miles apart. Both got snow, and the regatta is postponed.

It may take a few weeks for Green Lake (WI) or Geneva to ice up, or for a Zamboni to clean up Madison or Pewaukee.

ISA tentatively called on for Jan. 29-31

With two reportedly fantastic sheets of ice in play, the International Skeeter Association has called on their championship for this coming weekend, January 29-31. Both Lake Monona in Madison and Moosehead Lake near Greenville, ME are in contention. According to organizers, small weather systems are being watched before making the final call Wednesday morning.

The ISA includes A, B and C Skeeters, Renegades and Nites sailed in rotation.

Nite National is NOW POSTPONED for January 23-24

So close. A couple of workable icesheets, but the forecast is for calm winds for much of Saturday, and it's been determined that waiting for better conditions is a better bet than attempting a regatta on stiff, frozen snow. So, Nite Nationals are postponed once again.

Madison Conditions Fri-Sun 1/15-17

It looks like we'll have sailable ice somewhere around Madison this weekend.
Ice-checkers will be out Friday scouting a number of lakes.
Watch for info. Friday afternoon.

It'll be warmer down here on Saturday! (~13F).

Kyle Metzlof on Middleton Bay (NW corner of Lake Mendota):
Mendota, 1/14/20016

minnetonka ice report, thurs

walked out from harrys, 2 to 4" hard drifts. 90% snow covered. so no go for DNs, larger boats have a chance to go. Friday looks like the day with plenty of wind and reasonable temp. meyer

Lacrosse sailing friday, one day deal, iceboat flu day

perfect ice, temp and wind. who's in? meyer, browner and evans so far. how about Madison and green lake sailors? meyer

Nite National Postponed

The Nite National originally scheduled for Jan 16-17 is postponed. The weather window is caving with Sunday's temps expected to be well below minimums. It's too early in the season to travel for a single-day event so we're postponed.

Lacrosse open, fri pm and sat 1/15 and 16

clear ice, sail out of markhams or by sailing club/park end of rd, French island by airport as usual. fri 31 deg and 12 mph NW/ sat 18 deg and 11 mph NW/ sun 4 deg so too cold. Call/text me if anyone going as I need someone to sail with fri. 612-432-8124 meyer PS Minnetonka might be boatable sat. 13 deg, 10-15 mph. snow at? 1" now drifted? so harrys an option for non drivers.

Nite Nationals called ON

Nite Nationals are called on for this coming weekend, January 16-17. The primary location is Lake Puckaway, near Green Lake, Wi, but should a better sheet of ice firm up this week, the regatta will be moved. Other possible locations are Lake Kegonsa near Madison, Wi, the north end of Lake Winnebego, Lake Pentwell in the central Wisconsin, and Green Lake near Spicer, MN.

The plan is to post the final call on this Wednesday by noon. Location and hotel options will be provided.


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Minnetonka! But not the Main Lake

I walked the Main Lake of Tonka today from the County Road 15 side. I do not believe the main lake is consistently safe. The depth of the ice varied and there were duck holes, large water spots and pressure cracks. I suggest you say off the main lake.
The ice between Cottagewood and Greenwood, all east of Big Island, appears much better. It has been sailed for the last several days and has received favorable reports. Flyer sailed today and if anyone can find open water it is Flyer (or the Commodore!). Nevertheless, Flyer reports a good of sailing with plates and without incident.


Snow is forecasted for Thursday night but for now the DNs plan to sail Sat out of Cottagewood.
Think Ice!

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