Looking for 2 man boat.

I'm looking for a 2 man iceboat. Does not have to be class legal or competitively fast. Doesn't even have to be pretty. Does need to be complete or nearly so.
I want something inexpensive to learn with. Contact me at Thanks! Steven A.

Looking for Minnesota ice boaters

I'm a journalist looking for some Minnesota ice boaters interested in talking to me for a story that I'm working on. If you fit that description and you are interested, please email me --


Ice Boating Magazine

I've been trying to find a magazine that I believe was called "Ice Boating Times." Maybe it was just a newsletter. Anyone else ever hear of this magazine, or remember something similar? It might have been from the 1970's. Thanks for any leads.

Skimmer 45 for sale

FOR SALE: Skimmer 45
Items: Skimmer 45 For Sale
Condition: excellent
Year: 2004
Price: $1200
Contact info:
Phone: 616.874.7609 or 616.560.5275
Best way to contact: phone or email

upgraded stainless steel skates - like new!!! Picture available. Anxious to sell. Will deliver in Michigan.

Global Warming: Where will we be sailing Dec 1 in 10 years?

I just wonder...

is tracking the first boatable ice or better... where are we sailing on Dec 1... could be as far south as Peppin, OshKosh, or Iowa...or further North... a good measure of global warming?

My guess is you guys will all get to sail on Devil's Lake, North Dakota at least once, on our way to Canada, eh.

It's really big, really shallow in many bays, and they've got a history of iceboating there that goes back to the 1870's the smaller bays are reported to be frozen now.

prior lake

we sailed last spring down there off the beach, in biggest part. not very big, sailed up and down the lake. but best ice around for that weekend so at least we were sailing. ice got soft i didn't bring my angles.

Iceboating on Prior lake...

I have an old nite I'm sailing on Prior lake this winter..anyone else ever sailed on that lake???

A set of Three Ice Boat Runners for sale

I bought these runners last year when I was planning to build an ice boat from scratch. OK, I had stars in my eyes! I ended up getting a two man B Class Skeeter that needed work.

Now I have an extra set of heavy duty runners. They are 34" long and in perfect shape! I paid $300 for the set. Make me an good offer and they can be yours!

Email me with your offer, questions or for pictures: escowracer (at)

Check out YouTube Lake Riley Iceboats

Mead 22` Tandom Skeeter

I was wondering if anybody out their has any information on the mead skeeters that were built in Chicago, I have recently purchased one and plan on sailing it this winter. the boat still seems structurely sound and was last sailed about 4 years ago. the plank is new and have not found any major cracks in any of the wood.any info appreciated. DN4155 Rick Lemberg Email,

Swap meet

From the Gull Lake Ice Yacht Club.
Annual swap meet. Saturday Nov.4,2006
Location Grand Rapids, MI. Grand Rapids Yacht Club on Reeds Lake.
Starting time 10 Am. Lunch 12 Pm. Door prizes 2 PM. For more info call Bob Cook at 269-207-6815. Come and swap stories,buy and sell old and new ice-boat items.Be there, a great swap meet since 1973. More info coming soon. US4

DN sold!

DN sold today to one happy guy.

It's too hot for iceboating but...

Recognize that fellow without his helmet?Matt Struble's two throwouts in the NACRA F-17 North American Championship regtta were a third and first.

  'nuff said.


Geoff S.

More photos.

DN for sale

I have some interest please indicate price, condition and location

A-Scow Data Harvesting..

A-Scow Gps Action Reply

from tuesday night beer can races..
wind 340/12kts.

this is from m-100's second race.

15kts top speed..

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