Gaff type spar

I have an old wood spar that I think is from a class A stern steerer. It's a gaff type rig (3 pieces) with the boom and mast being about 28' in length.

A sectional view would be round.

It has been stored in our Minneapolis shop since the late '50s and in some garage, for who knows how long, before that. The boat was probably sailed on Lake Minnetonka.

Let me know if someone out there would have a use for this.

Wanted DN ice boat

Hi I'm looking for a cheep start up boat. I'm not looking for anything that is competitive just want to get out and slide around on the ice cheep.

How to get to a local website to sell my DN

It pains me to do it, but I have to sell my first and only iceboat. New baby and lack of time.

DN with Kenyon mast and Harken pulleys.

If anyone near Green Bay, WI could let me know of any local websites i could find to help me sell this would be greatly appreciated.

Centrals GPS Action Replay

this is a java applet from these guys..

so of course you need a java plugin for your browser.

And i've got the gps logs and split up the six silver races..

my favorite thing is to click on the syncronized time and run the races against each other..

GPS Action Replay 2006 Centrals

check out the length of the course.. 600meters..

new olympic sport,
500meter short course
6 guys
10 times around
double elimination
top 3 guys move up.

Post Friday sail report :: Centrals

Elk Lake, Mi

that was the scariest 'TEN' i've ever sailed.

Centrals ScoutingWe had to go across a couple of cracks on the scouting mission.. like always the guys from out of town are one of the first out sailing on the ice..

It is very new ice so there are some hazards and there isn't too much more ice then we need..

But only one guy got wet... but he brushed it off and was back out..

We had about 18 boats out and got in 6 or 8 races. The ice is very smooth and fast.. just watch out for the cracks.. and thin ice next to the cracks...

we only had 5 to 10mph of wind and we were ripping around the course.

Onsite at the Centrals

13:30 michigian time
Whitebirch Lodge

We tried to stop at Sunny's in Torch Lake for an omelette but they were closed till april... we had to settle for lunch at the fish stand in elk rapids.

Change in launch area. We are now launching out of the Whitebirch Lodge.

The ice looks great. If it's not a 'TEN' then I'm not sure what a ten is.

The ice hasn't been frozen very long and you can see straight through the ice to the bottom of the lake in up to 15' of water. Is kindof spooky at first. There is around 3" to 4" of ice. There are a couple of pressure ridges that might be a bit tricky to get across out to the main ice sheet.

enroute to the centrals


wi hwy 29
10 miles west of shawano, wi

enroute to central regionals
expectations are high again.

we are expecting black ice on south elk, or maybe even north elk will come through with some very fresh ice.

the big white van had to depart to Miami for the Mumm30 event so we are in the jeep.

Clear skies with orion over are shoulder and a waxing cresent (2 days since new).

no snow events in the forecast..
good temps..

and good luck to ron, matt & john who left the fort for their dreams of world championships ..

now listening to: The Wanderers - Circles Of Time


Lake Marion at lakeville has been sailable for the last week, not great, but sailable

some thoughts on the western challenge regatta

----- Original Message -----
From: Mark Kiefer
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2005 1:39 PM
Subject: Western Challenge Regatta


Thanks for volunteering to serve as Regatta Chairman for what, if memory serves, is our 12th western challenge regatta with an international field.

At the North American Championships, they have a special name for DNers who didn’t sail the Western Challenge Regatta…

The Bronze Fleet!

To me, this regatta is all about winning the North Americans!

Just like the Minnesota Ice Sailing Association, this event is almost entirely of evolutionary structure, There’s really no job description for the regatta chairman, it’s a whatever you think is important, and largely ceremonial role.

Sharpening Runners

I am new to this site and live in Colorado. I just completed my iceboat up at my Dad's in Minnesota, a homemade DN, with a retrofitted mast from a Hobie Cat. She had one inaugural run, but side slipped terribly in the wind, and the winds in CO are incredibly intense.

I was given some old runners from a boater in South Dakota, but they are terribly dull.

Is there anything that describes how to sharpen them and at what angles/inclination and what edges get sharpened. I'm a little confused on how to do this, but want to do it myself. I have a shop grinder, but could also make a jig and use my belt sander. If anything could point me to pictures or visuals, that would be great. I am also interested in buying some runners for her if anyone knows of sources.

2006 NA's :: day 2

8:45am hilton garden, staging area
The whole minnesota gang of ice checkers, those that couldn't make the regatta take one for the team and are out early am. down on the ice by 8:45am. They reported back with an A OK.

9:00am hotel lobby, skippers meeting
rerolling.. we are moving to PEPIN!
launch area
town of pepin, wi

7:00pm to 9:00pm
Super 8 Motel
Redwing, MN

racing tomorrow in pepin

we are packing up..

Geoff, what's happening today?

Is Winnebago unusable?

2006 NA :: day 1

9:30am skippers meeting..
delay till noon while the ice checkers go down to the usual wayside launch, and another group is going to the north end of the lake (fireroad 8)
to check for access for trailers and ice conditions.

the flags are flying pretty good... and it's not raining.. so it looks like a nice day for boating.. providing the ice checks out..

oshkosh fire deptwe had a front row seat to the action in the parking lot this morning. A van from one of the competitors sprung a leak in the gas tank.. so whole oshkosh fire department and hazmat team showed up. then they towed the car away.

Ice reports?? Anybody? 1/29

Is anybody lookng at decent ice in Wis. or Minn.?

2006 NA :: notice

so we arrived at the hilton garden in oshkosh around 10:15pm friday.. to this notice....

2006 NA notice

at the hotel bar later that night a high ranking official was overheard saying.... "we got a week"

went out to the launch site..
four went out two came back....

robby called.. we told him it was great come on down...

there is actually a really nice sheet of ice out there so hopefully we'll get something off...

it's now midnight and the rain has let up..

9:30am skippers meeting in the hotel lobby..

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