Sailing today?

Is there good sailing today anywhere in MN? Tomorrow? Monday?

2006 NA's :: expectations

minneapolis, mn to oshkosh, wi
Fri Jan 27 2006

we arrived at the old hilton garden in oshkosh, right next to the oshkosh airport at around 10:30pm after a short 5.5hrs from minneapolis.. although minneapolis/stpaul/I94 at 5:00pm isn't much fun...

Expectations are still high as we haven't seen the ice yet.. also i always have expectations of doing good in the regatta and still have that high expectation.. that usually goes away after the first day

The roads where completely dry on the way here so that's a good sign.. always signs... there was one about the ice at checkin too.. more on that later

Sail Wisconsin!

Decision on DN North Americans postponed to Noon today.

There must be lots of pressure to go East. That's what the snow did.

See for yourself.

Use webcam links.

Watching the weather radar on the second link, that snow storm only snowed on Montreal and Lake Champlain since 10 PM last night.

God doesn't want to drive past Wisconsin, IMHO

Ice conditions

Does anyone know the snow/ice conditions on Lake Winnebago?

Int. Monotype XV

There is an interesting article in the Int. Snipe Bulletin about Int. Monotype XV sailing in Sweden. Pls see the article and Int. Monotype XV

Boat Building Supplies


Posted this last year, and I am still looking for a supplier to get Basswood for building my first DN. Everyone I called said they only stocked 10' lengths. I have a source that will rough cut me wood to any size, but will have to dry it.

Please help. Also looking for a source for plywood.

William Schmiedlin
Shakopee, MN


I would like to do an article on DN in minnesota, particularly the lake harriet contingent. Has that been done recently? for woodenboat? would also like to hear about plans and experience building

Cool Article by first time iceboater

I came across the article in Sailing Anarchy of a writer that had his first DN experience. I am sure many people can relate or have simlar stories. I have lent my boat to a fair number of people and always enjoy seeing the wide grin on their face after getting that first RIDE,,,,,


2 - DN's For Sale

I have 2 original design DN's for sale.
DN-1 asking $2,000. It has newer high wind sail and Harkin blocks. Aluminum tube steering. New Sarns runners.

DN-2 asking $1500. has older sail in good condition. Custom made Sarns blocks. Steel rod steering, older stile Sarns runners.

If interested send email requesting pictures to

Location: Whitehall MI.

My wife did NOT like the DN Groove Armada video

The DN Groove Armada video is awesome. I showed it to a couple of friends.."I want to build one of those" my wife is complaining that she can't get past the 3 DNs in various stages of construction in our basement.


The moment of truth!

Houghton Lake—December 9-11, 2005

The moment of truth came and the GX-1 passes with flying colors!

After two and a half days of 15-25 mph winds, more than 500 miles of full-throttle, white knuckle sailing and one flip over in the pits when a tremendous gust caught me off guard, we are proud to report that nothing broke, came apart or fell off. In fact, the craft met or exceeded our expectations. Right out of the box it performed with almost frightening acceleration. The cockpit is very comfortable and provides fast and easy ingress and egress. We are pleased almost beyond words. Without question, it is going to be an exciting season!

The end of a good ride...

The end of a good ride... Four DNs and an Iceflyer spent a great afternoon on Riley Lake, the day before a season ending snowfall is due. Three DN's and the Iceflyer made it back intact. This DN blew up when sheeted hard on smooth ice. Evidence of a poorly constructed bow? I've repaired shear failures in the sideboards of this boat before, but I think this is the end.

Ice – not just good in drinks……

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mike Shepherd, and I am a conventional (soft water) sailor from Australia. I have been sailing various types of boats all my life, everything from small training dinghies, various forms of skiffs including the aussie 18, and high performance offshore yachts.
I thought I had just about seen it all when it came to performance under sail, how wrong I was!!
For a long time now I have heard little bits about a mysterious breed of sailing machine called ice boats, but unfortunately, due to geographic problems, have never had the opportunity to see them in the flesh.

Wisconsin Iceboat Hardware Specialties

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Mike the Australian

Hi all, Mike the Australian here. I met a few of you guys up at Battle lake last weekend, and am wondering if there is anything going on this weekend? Still very keen to try ice boating, hope the conditions are better suited. If anyone knows of anything, or has a spare boat they could let me have a try in, please contact me at cheers, Mike.

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