DN Western Challenge

DN Western Challenge: December 1 -3, 2023
Attention all DN sailors: The Western Challenge is tentatively called on and is scheduled for the first weekend in December, on the best ice in Minnesota.
It's time to get the whole gang back together, everyone is welcome.
The exact location will be announced as we get closer to the event. No promises, but our goal is a repeat of last year’s epic ice.

Minnesota Iceboaters Facebook group page.

Look at our facebook page for the most up to date things going on.
Regatta's, sailing, ice reports, etc....
this site isn't getting much use anymore.

Minnesota Iceboaters facebook page will have the latest and greatest info.

sailing in lake city

im in fla/tx. but those that dont use facebook. lake city has ice many going there sun including madtown sailirs. wish i was there

NW Canadian Nationals Sunday Monday at Silver Harbour

Scrub racing today,miles of ice.Launch site is Silver Harbour Thunder Bay

worlds north americans

i’m back!! meyer. cudos to mike bloom. tip over sam and erin also did well. its their job to recruit some new young summer sailors into iceboating and get some of that unused stuff out of the barn!! reply if have a program for sail. time to up our game/promotion here!!!!!

sailing sat sun mon update ice check harrys at noon. racing at 2

clear ice wayzata to tonka bay including main lake. appears smooth enough. need to check for shell ice and thickness. not scouted yet. put on tonka bay beach or harrys in cottage wood. update. sat11am. some slight shell ice. so no go sat. should be ready sun. so ice check at harrys at noon. races at 2. also pos sailing on mon. meyer

sailing sat

meyer dave k kennedy and rob purring on at wayzata beach and sailing there. not scouted yet so be careful. reported 5” ice. 1/2” snow. light wind. more today than sun

Western Challenge moved to Minnewaska

Site logo image DN North America
Western Challenge Called ON for Lake Minnewaska, Glenwood, MN

Deb Whitehorse
Nov 30

The Western Challenge has been called on for Lake Minnewaska in Glenwood, MN.
What To Know:
Dates: December 2-4, 2022
Location: Lake Minnewaska, Glenwood, MN
Launch: Lakeshore Park, Starbuck, MN
Lodging: Glenwood, MN
The ice has been walked but not sailed. If you plan on sailing tomorrow, sail with your head up. Ice thickness has been reported to be between 3 - 5."

Great Western Challenge is ON

The Western Challenge has been called on, primary site near Hutchinson, MN. There are other sites in Minnesota being monitored. Final confirmation will be posted by Wednesday, November 30, 2022 by noon CT. Stay tuned to the IDNIYRA website.
What to know:
Western Challenge: A chance to learn about DN sailing, test your gear, meet up with friends, and do some scrub racing.
Dates: December 2- 4, 2022
Primary Site: Lake Washington, Dassel, MN (60 miles west of Minneapolis)

Lake Christina

From Jim Rylander, landowner at our usual launch site.

Christina sealed up yesterday, with the cold that's predicted should be ready for you this coming weekend

Lake Christina

From Jim Rylander, landowner at our usual launch site.

Christina sealed up yesterday, with the cold that's predicted should be ready for you this coming weekend

western regionals. 1/8 and 9

get your A game together. weather looks favorable for regatta in madison area. clear ice?!! however very cold fri. sat/sun 10 to 15 mph. 25 deg!! heat wave.

sailing main lake minnetonka before/after Xmass

great weekend baffalo. little crazy sun. tonka bay to the south sailable as can see new freezes . avoid them. sailing our nites. miller meyer solum. mon tue wed. wed checking main lake as it closed sun. warning. do not sail it till drilled and checked. so hope to go out there wed. meyer. some DNs setting up at harrys noon wed. caution main lake not checked yet. looks like enough wind thurs. fri am great!! update wed. found 4.5” main lake. a couple open holes ne of yacht club so be careful friday update main lake. three holes are marked with cones middle north side of lake.

sailing 12/19 sun

very cold sat battle and gull lake so one day trip sun? but snow battle wed and fri. gull fri. see how much but doesnt look promising. meyer. ps maybe enough rain mpls to have ice for xmass? wed am. when fogclears and rainends looking like minnetonka will be all water to freeze into a sheet of clear smooth ice yaho!!! thurs am. from harrys to main lake water. tonka bay still frozen. enough ice sun. ? put on tb beach. fri am. access open at tonka bay beach next to marina. shoreline solid. no open water. should be quite thick to harrys by sun am.

sailing 12/11 and 12

very cold no wind tonight. tonka bay area maybe frozen tue am. so silver or buffalo. but some pos snow fri. who wants to sail?

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