western regionals. 1/8 and 9

get your A game together. weather looks favorable for regatta in madison area. clear ice?!! however very cold fri. sat/sun 10 to 15 mph. 25 deg!! heat wave.

sailing main lake minnetonka before/after Xmass

great weekend baffalo. little crazy sun. tonka bay to the south sailable as can see new freezes . avoid them. sailing our nites. miller meyer solum. mon tue wed. wed checking main lake as it closed sun. warning. do not sail it till drilled and checked. so hope to go out there wed. meyer. some DNs setting up at harrys noon wed. caution main lake not checked yet. looks like enough wind thurs. fri am great!! update wed. found 4.5” main lake. a couple open holes ne of yacht club so be careful friday update main lake. three holes are marked with cones middle north side of lake.

sailing 12/19 sun

very cold sat battle and gull lake so one day trip sun? but snow battle wed and fri. gull fri. see how much but doesnt look promising. meyer. ps maybe enough rain mpls to have ice for xmass? wed am. when fogclears and rainends looking like minnetonka will be all water to freeze into a sheet of clear smooth ice yaho!!! thurs am. from harrys to main lake water. tonka bay still frozen. enough ice sun. ? put on tb beach. fri am. access open at tonka bay beach next to marina. shoreline solid. no open water. should be quite thick to harrys by sun am.

sailing 12/11 and 12

very cold no wind tonight. tonka bay area maybe frozen tue am. so silver or buffalo. but some pos snow fri. who wants to sail?

DN Western Challenge Called ON 3-5 Dec @ Christina


Via John Dennis, the Western Challenge is called on for Lake Christina in Ashby, MN December 3 – 5, 2021. Final confirmation will be made on Wednesday, December 1 by 12 PM CT. The Western Challenge is a an informal tune-up fun regatta for DNs.
What: Western Challenge
Date: December 3 – 5, 2021
Where: Lake Christina in Ashby, MN
Lodging: Recommended nearest Battle Lake, Minnesota
Battle Lake Inn and Suites (almost full, no vacancies for Friday night)
102 Glenhaven Dr, Battle Lake, MN 56515

Silver Lake

Based on a kiter report of 4” grade 10 ice a large group will scout Silver Lake west on Hwy 7 about 30 miles, on Wednesday morning. Winds look to be 10-11mph. West Arm was great but had a hazard!

sailing 12/12 and/or 13

since so warm in mpls. back to christina? meyer

Lake Christina comes thru again!

Lake Christina at 10 am Monday. A solid 4 inches. Some texture from a week old snow melt. Rate it a 6+. No seams,heaves or steam rising at 10F.
Iceboat get together is set for a “Outdoor Recreational Activity with DN’s starting Friday- Monday. Launch at the usual Rylander’s property here.
Sorry, go to Facebook Minnesota Iceboater for photos and videos!

DN Western Challenge for 2020 is called on

Thanks to Bob Cummins, who spoke with JD the other day, the Great Western Challenge is called on.
Dec 4-6 on the best ice in Minnesota. No ice reports yet, but a cold snap in our Fergus Falls area is predicted toward the end of November. Those of us in Minnesota will find that perfect black ice.
Gas prices up that way are $1.79! Minnesota has an indoor mask requirement.

Join the Club. Pay your dues. Think Ice

Time to pony up! If you sail a DN you need to join the IDNIYRA. It's only 26 bucks and it is worth every penny.
To join or renew your membership go to: https://www.idniyra.org/2020/10/05/notice-of-dues-2021/

Chris Berger, US5166, appointed Western Region Commodore

He's not only fast, now he's in charge! Chris Berger, US5166, is the new Western Region Commodore.

Chris will need help so think of ways you can contribute as regatta season approaches. When was the last time you volunteered with registration, ordered trophies, scouted ice, rolled out the starting line or set up marks. These are things we can all do. It doesn't take much effort to make a big difference.

New blade sharpener

This is my new homemade iceboat blade sharpener. It runs 2" x 132" belts, 2 HP motor, 3,600 FPM belt speed, adjustable for 80, 90, and 100 degrees, adjustable height bed. The platen is ground tool steel, which is very flat and will never wear out. Throws sparks real good !!
New blade sharpener

Iceboating: It's the people...

Some guys sail fast. Some guys build boats. Some guys can write. Bill Buchholz, US-3314, can do all three. Here is a Buchholz quote I pulled from the Maine website. For some reason it resonated with me.

"...while we all love the sensation of connecting a series of perfect tacks and gybes, it’s the people we sail with what’s most important. Our relationships are those upon which the sport is built..." Bill Buchholz (US-3314).

She's Singing in Duluth

It's over in Duluth. The Coast Guard’s huge 225' ice cutter named ALDER started its spring ice cutting operations out of the Port of Duluth. The ALDER is a so-called "multi-mission" buoy tenderer, homeported in Duluth. Its primary missions include ice breaking, law enforcement and search and rescue.

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