East Bound and Down

"and we're going to do what they say can't be done.."
- smokey and the bandit

less then 100 miles to go to Peru, Illinois.

Expectations have been reset.. and now it looks like a blustery regatta..

early morning checkin 8:00 - 10:00am at hotel.. then opening ceremonies at 11:00 then racing at 1:00pm.

I also heard there might be early (late-night) check-in at the hotel this evening.. to help with the morning rush hour.

Sitting in the van at launch site

we are out at the launch site and the finish-canadian-us ice checker team, (L37, KC5449, US60) are out blasting through snow drifts.. it looks really fun.. (sort of jealous)..

but I'm not sure if it's too race-able

experiencing snow flurries

It was great to see everybody and to catch up, but when we came out there was quite a bit of snow..

We are all going to be excited to head up to the racing area 30 miles north in the mornng and see how much snow is on the racing area.

luggage trails
Just a bit of snow..

heading to the bar

we arrived and are heading to the bar... we got in about 40min before the snow.


Starting the journey

driving through the snow..

travel day.. so we took awhile getting out of town, we all did the last of our chores, loaded up the runners and the dogs and left the Twin Cities at 1:00pm.

Current location is hwy 29 in the snow.. radar shows us to be in the leading finger of the snow fall..

602,4961,5214 & Neil reporting all's well
Neil actually laying down in the van

Lake Odessa, Iowa

As the snow maps indicate, the area is pretty much snow free. Ice is about 9" deep but surface would be a bit slow (spongy). I've been trying unsuccessfully to ice sail these twenty or thirty miles of Mississippi backwater mazes for about ten years. Whether wind gets here before snow or a thaw is problematic, as usual.

Today's Green Bay Photos

Green Bay from a few feet higher...

Green Bay Jan 25 2011

Yesterday's Ice Images from Green Bay

Green Bay 01-24-2011

Green Bay, looks like 6+ inches of ice.

Choices... snow is a four letter word.

As the big press to identify a site for the DN Worlds which begin late this week, sailors will be out on thin, perhaps perilous ice in two or three time zones of North America looking for that elusive combination of: a perfect sheet of ice, big enough and thick enough; a forecast that is dry enough, warm and windy enough; a launch site that will accomodate the fleet, friendly locals, and all the other variables... some of the areas being scouted are believed to be very thin, freshly frozen sheets of ice.

Ready to load into the trailer...

Together again for the first time...Today was a day for finishing up. The big project was mounting the plank to the hull and doing an alignment. I also spent some "quality time" on the sharpener getting rid of a couple of small flat spots on my inserts.

Almost done...

Almost done...Well, today the everything came together for the first time. There were no parts (at least temporarily) left in the box from when I disassembled the boat after the crash.

Post-shaping deflection measurements

Plank Deflection After ShapingAfter a final sanding I deflected the plank to 500 lbs, then applied the first (and likely final) coat of epoxy. The spring-constant changed almost imperceptibly, from the "raw state" value of 149 lbs/inch to 151 lbs/inch after shaping. Since I'm a geek, I fit the data

Looking for the Runner Mold

I spoke with 4691, somebody has the runner mold, but who?

I'm building a few sets of inserts, and one or two sets will be available this month. will post photos of progress...


The plank is off the jig...

(actually, it's back on the jig to let the epoxy completely cure...)

I pulled all the clamps off, quickly cleaned off the excess epoxy, and eagerly checked the deflection. It looks pretty good, about 145 lbs/inch so it deflects just under 1 3/4 inches with me on it. I'm guessing it will stiffen up a bit as the glue gets to full cure, and rounding the edges will probably soften it, so it will probably end up very close to this value.

New plank glued up...

The final (and most lengthy) part of the repairing my DN after the crash on Jan. 2nd was to build a new plank.

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