Local sailing this weekend ??

What is the best bet for sailing this weekend? Unsure how the Monday snow affected the lakes, hope none of it turned into the dreaded styrofoam. Kiters report 2" fell on WBL. I have nothing in my yard in Belle Plaine, so I would be willing to bet Waconia might still be great. Any reports from Tonka? Since no regattas this weekend, any local plans??
Plowing through 5

DN NA's - Photos

More great photos. This time from the NA's. Looks like races 6 and 7 from day 2. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fxjzdb9d9jlspnv/AACPQAphCz0XNI2AWs1VrhgIa?dl=0

DN Worlds - Photos

Professional Photographer Gretchen Dorian was at the DN Worlds last week. She posted some of her pictures here:


Local ice !!!

Sailed Waconia Saturday on the windsurfer-iceboard. Snow was 0-1" deep, no resistance, with a very occasional 3" drift that seemed to cause catapults. Ice is not perfect, still bumpy, but plenty good for the iceboard so any iceboat will not be an issue. I was all alone on a 2 mile x 2 mile great surface with few icefishermen on the main area. Sailed Bald Eagle lake on Sunday again on the iceboard. Snow was 0-1" deep, and also no real snow resistance. Ice was much more bumpy than Waconia. Counted 4 nites and 2 DN's. A great day.

Miller (DN 5369) Shines at Worlds and NA's

The 2017 World Championships and North American Championships are in the Books. The regatta was a huge success due to the tireless efforts of DN Western Region Commodore Mike Miller (DN 5369 US). Nobody will ever know how many hours it really takes to organize, not one, but two international regattas but it was obvious that Miller put in the time as both regatta's were sailed without a hitch. Thank you Commodore Miller for a job well done. The 108 sailors from 9 countries each tip their helmet to you!

DN Worlds/North American Champs: January 22-28, 2017

The DN Worlds and NA's are scheduled for the Western Region, January 22-28, 2017.
Here is a promo video put out by Madison Sailor Dave Elsmo. Think Ice.


2017 DN Westerns on for Madison Wisconsin

The weekends regatta will be held on Lake Monona in Madison, Wi. Launch site will be at the Olin Park 1156 Olin-Turville Ct., Madison Wi. Same place as last years NA's, on the SW corner of the lake.
Dan Hearn and Deb have been working with the City Parks Dept for a bulk parking pass to avoid parking costs to the racer. More info by Thursday or Friday.
The ramp is suitable for trailers to back right on 12 inches of ice. Be careful of the small stream to the left side.

2017 DN Western Regionals Called ON

Jan 7-8, 2017
Wisconsin has ice all over the place!
Madison Wi is the primary location. Could be Kegonsa or Monona. They have smoothed over some today and going to rain a bit more tonight. Above freezing temps for another 24 hours, followed by cold and wind. Ice will thicken on both lakes. No snow in the forecast with moderating temps by the weekend should lead to great ice.

Western Region Championships: Get Ready!

The DN Western Region Championships most likely will be called "ON" for this weekend, Jan 7-8, 2017. The smart money says we will sail in Madison but Winnebago may also be an option. Watch dnamerica.org/forum/index.php for details. You might notice a slight change in the layout of the race course. I suspect we will sail an INLINE COURSE with DARLING MARKS. It will be the same course we will sail at the WORLDs and NAs. Ask questions if you are unfamiliar with the new course layout.

DN parts

Sherry DN wood tiller: $175
Aluminum steering rod $50
Lots of miscellaneous DN parts including Harken pullies.
Contact: Robbie Evans: revans at mastersofsail dot com

Shake down run on Bald Eagle 12-31-16

(click for pictures) Well, Bald Eagle turned out to be a bust for racing on 12/31. Ice too rough. Looks so good but sucks so much. A little bit of recreational sailing for 3 nites, 1 DN and 1 Skeeter, but none of us lasted long. Got a good chance to test all the new Drifter parts and test for vibration resistance. Stiffer springboard is finally correct now, new runners worked great, new-used blade/storm sail seemed to work somewhat, new plank seems good but might need shims to get chocks flat. The plank is so hollow that you could hear the echo like a drum on the rough ice.

Nites on Tonka and Bald Eagle DNs to Kegonsa 12/30/16

The Tonka Nite fleet will set-up Friday in front of the fire lane next to Harry Allen's in Cottagewood. Th ice will be rough. Be sure to scout the ice as the lake has not been sailed. Never sail alone. The Bald Eagle Nite Feet is already on the ice and plans club racing this weekend. Kudos to BEIYC Commodore Bill Reed for rallying the troops. The DNs are heading to Lake Kegonsa near Madison for Friday scrub racing with the 4 Lakes IYC. The best ice reportedly is in front of Springers.

Madison Anyone?!!!

There is ice on Kegonsa. I say we go down Friday and sail. You could also stay and sail the Grand Slam FUN Regatta which has ben called "Tentatively ON" for Dec 31, 2016 - Jan 1, 2017 on Kegonsa. 4 Lakes IYC Commodore Ken Norton reports 6" of hard ice, no snow, with a bit of ripple and no bumps. He rates it a 6.5 and a 7 in terms of quality.

Centrals and Lake Pepin 12/28/16

Our friends in the Central Region, lead by Commodore Bill Cutting, had hoped to squeeze in the 2016 Central Championships before the new year. Unfortunately, the forecast is not cooperating. The word on the street is that the regatta will be canceled.

But, I do know they are sailing in Michigan. I have received reports that Struble, Sherry, Grogan and a few other speed freaks are sailing as I write this. They have great ice but a relatively small venue.

Pepin is being scouted today. Stay tuned for the report. Think Ice!

Sailing out of Harry's wed. 12/28

Might be a little rumbly for DNS. Prob ok larger boats. See if ok for fri. Sat. Sun. Otherwise. Lake city looks smoother. Meyer

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