Tonka ice

I sailed my Nite for 3 hours on West Arm on Dec 23. Lots of standing water and counted at least 5 drain holes up to 8" in diameter. No open seams. Lucky none grabbed a runner. Ice was holding up ok but small bumps from old drifts kept the boat rattling. A solid freeze with no snow would be welcome. Solum shared Gideon's Bay was great on his DN. No word on main lake so take extra caution if you sail it.

Good Nite !

Another stellar weekend on Bald Eagle Lake. Click on post for pictures below. Saturday was a light wind, but it was plenty with the fast ice. Sunday started out with classic rides on the historic Wrigley on White Bear. One of the pictures below makes you wonder, if I was taking a picture, and Luke was taking a picture, who was steering the boat?? What a classic boat that was an honor to get a ride on. Then the party moved on to Bald Eagle. The wind seemed light and the ice had gotten soft and sticky, and it wasn’t looking good for racing.

Nite 121 for sale, very complete package

Full restoration 2010. Fiberglass repair with new gelcoat. New paint, Awlgrip, royal blue body with silver spars. 2 sets of runners, both sharpened by Buddy Melges and unused at the end of 2012-2013 season. New Harken cockpit pad. Runner mounts on planked recently trued at Pagel shop. 3 sails, one newer Quantum in excellent condition. Mooring cover, mast cover, plank cover. Trailer with storage box. Ready to go, just add ice! Located in Woodstock, Il. Contact Bill at: 630 417 4204,

Any Duluth iceboaters???

I have a magazine publisher interested in doing a story about iceboating from the Duluth/Superior area.
Her name is Claudia McBride. The magazine is Duluth Superior Living. She has seen a few ice boaters in the area on the ice, but has not been able to connect with them to help on her story. If you are from that part of the state, give her a call at 218-590-6989 or email her at

Sherry Whip & Rocket Spars

Rocket in excellent condition, later build, never abused. $1250

Whip in VGC, $975

Traverse City

iceboating this weekend

looks like main lake is good. launch out of harrys. not a lot of wind but shouldn't need it. proceed with caution as lake has NOT been checked. any specific report on conditions/hazards? flyer

2015 DN Western Regionals Regatta - NOR

Western Lakes Regional DN Championship Regatta
Jan 3-4, 2015
North American Western Region

Organizing Authority
International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association
North American Western Region

1. Rules:

Wester Region regatta

No regatta.
No races. No wind. No visibility.
The highlight of the day occurred in the parking lot. 15 sailors attended the Doctor's impromptu demonstration on how to remove and install an axel hub on his iceboat trailer. Special thanks to Jim Nordhaus for having the foresight to always travel with a fully charged cordless grinder.

Western Regionals

4:00 pm update. Done for day. No races. Tomorrow's forecast looks bad. More fog and very light air.

Sat. 11:30 am. 45 boats sitting at shore. Under postponement. Pea soup fog.
Good day for the bartenders at Springers.

Ice Rescue Location via the USNG

Imagine during a heavy fog/snowstorm/rainstorm that rolls in while you are sailing, you mistakenly sail your iceboat into open water. You manage to crawl out but suffered a couple cracked ribs and a broken leg.

You know what lake you are on but how can you accurately describe where you are located to the 911 emergency responders? You need a UNIQUE location identifier which is vital in any emergency situation.

Your GPS equipped cell phone has latitude and longitude but this is where the communication problems start. You location could be either:

2014 Western Regions called on

2014 Western Region Championship called ON for Kegonsa

The 2014 Western Region Championship will be held December 13-14, 2014.

Nite time !!!!!

Bald Eagle Lake 12/7/14 #1 Bald Eagle Lake 12/7/14 #2
Another great day of racing on Sunday on Bald Eagle Lake under extremely windy conditions. I personally had 80 lbs. of ballast and it still wasn't enough. Congratulations to the Commodore for having the fast boat of the day, driving the malt powered "bunnahabhain" to two first place finishes. He found the fast line on the course was right through the bull rushes, which apparently must have had some magical runner polishing effect resulting in unbelievable speed.

Western Challenge really is GREAT

Apparently, all it takes to make the Western Challenge GREAT is perfect ice and lots of wind. Today's final three races were GREAT. Even better than the five races we sailed yesterday. We raced three high speed races in a strong breeze, on lightning fast ice, on a very large course. Put those factors together and it is easy to understand why today's racing really was GREAT. It was one of those days where you simply ripped to the corner and turned left. Today, tactics were not a factor. Today, the game was about speed. Today is why we love this sport. It really was a GREAT day.

Great Western Challenge: Oh, What a Day!

Today was for the history books. 80 sailors dukeing it out on fast, fast, "cadillac" ice. Full on, pedal to the metal racing. Five races completed and nobody has any idea who is leading. All the major players scored a DNF for a variety of reasons in a day that saw an inordinate amount of very scary crashes. Still, when all was done, everyone agreed it really does not get any better than today.

Tomorrows forecast of 10 mph winds and 32 degrees temps could make this one of the more memorable Great Western Challenges.

Great Western Challenge. Day 1

The ice is beautiful... like Champaign! Light winds today but still managed to get some good practice sailing later in the day. Because there was no regatta quality ice in Minnesota ( yes we checked Buffallo, Green Lake and Christina, and others) we moved to Lake Kegonza just east of Madison. The change of venue to a more central location has attracted nearly 80 boats!!!! Nice to see all the east coast boys along with a dozen Canadians. Ron Sherry brought guys from Sweden, Germany and the Nerherlands. I even met three guys who drove from Nova Scotia.

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