2016 Western's called on

Green Lake, Spicer, Mn is it!!!
Scouted well and sailed on a solid 4-4 1/2" of black ice. In 7-8mph Meyer and I got wound up to at least 35-40!
A flurries dusting on top made it magical. Course size is estimated at 1.5 X 2 mile area.
Launch site is the Salsbury ramp of Kandiyohi County. Right next to Mel's Sport Shop.
Trailers can back on the ice of 5". Do not park vehicles on the ice!

Headquarters Hotel across the street from launch.

Northern Inn Hotel & Suites
$79/ nite for all rooms
2queens, King and hide a bed suite or poolside 2 Queens

Western Region DN Regatta

The 2016 Western Region Championship Regatta is called on for Green Lake at Spicer, MN. This is a preliminary call!
2 ranked DN sailors will be scouting the lake Wednesday morning, Dec 30, 2015. The final call and hotel information will be posted by 8PM December 30, 2015. The conditions reported by 3 separate scouts show 3.5" of optically clear new ice as far as you can see from the shore in Spicer. Cold temps over the next 3 days promises more ice making. An alternate site is also available in Garrison, MN on Lake Mille Lacs.
Sharpen your runners!

West reg regatta

For those not on facebook miller and meyer are sailing green lake in spicer on wed as a pos regatta site 3.5" of clear ice reported hopefuly no one goes swimming Meyer ps this is an unofficial post

Silver Lake, Mn

The Meyer, Miller team took a 40 minute road trip west on 7 to Silver Lake. 3-4" of solid black ice, faster than a greased pig! We scrub raced a short 1/2 mile course 3 laps at least 7 times. Fast and skidding leeward rounding made it exciting. A perfect sheet of ice slightly bigger than Swede.
See photos in library images under Silver Lake.

Swede ice check

Swede is open water shore to shore as of Thursday afternoon, Dec. 17th.


Cold finally coming


I selected the forecast for Brainerd, Mn where they are many possible iceboating venues for the DN Western's, scheduled Jan2-3, 2016. This includes Gull Lake where a very successful Western's was held about 8 years ago!
Looks very promising and very little snow.
I think we may have at least a dozen black ice lakes to select from, including Lake Minnetonka (yes a permit is being issued this week)

Get your boats and trailers ready.

Christina again

4824 and 4961 and me, 5214 went back up to Christina yesterday (Saturday, December 12th). Light wind let us get in some practice racing. The ice condition at first appeared better. The surface was all nice and clean. Once we got out there, there were a lot of drain holes and we had to carefully navigate those to get to west side of the lake. We setup some cones, marked the obvious drain hole, and had a nice day. I learned that the drain holes are the shiny black areas. Drain holes are hard to see, for me.

Updated the results

I'm sorry that took so long to do. I appreciate that our Minnesota member Rob Evans (4975) put the effort in to getting on the ice and we had some fun battles out there. He came in right behind me in the two races he raced. Thanks Rob for coming up and sailing!

Another superb video at Christina


This time Dave Elsmo of Madison Wi.
Great job of editing.

Western Challenge in the news

Thanks Bloom for noticing the story on the front page!

Thunder Bay Ice

If your still looking to do some iceboating,the Zambonie went thru Thunder Bay and re flooded Whitefish and Barnum Lake up here near Thunder Bay. 6" of very smooth ice and Spring like weather.
Images posted in Library (Barnum Lake)

2015 Great Western Challenge

8 Dec 2015

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to thank a few people that helped get this regatta off the ground. Mike Madge thank you for taking the time and putting forth the effort to check ice in Thunder Bay. Mark Kiefer thank you for the same in Minnesota. Mike Miller thank you for checking ice, getting us permission to use that great launch site, and making all the great contacts in the area. Deb and Loretta thank you for scoring the event. Thank you everyone who helped on the course.

DN for Sail

someone sent me this so I thought I'd pass it along.

Nik Ogura moved to Cali. but his DN is still in the cities and up for sale.
$2250 or B.O.
John Stacieluk has it.

That's all I know. contact:

2015 Western Challenge

Sure, the results are up thanks to Deb and Loretta, but where's the hastily put together video?

Here it is. For all the iceboaters and support staff that could not make it for all the different reasons. Here's a little video to give you a feel for the event.

2015 Great Western Challenge


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