Chris Berger Wins Baikal Cup: Fox News interview

The iceboat world is all abuzz over Chris Berger (US 5166) winning the Baikal Cup in Russia. Congratulations, Chris!

Check out his interview on Chicago Fox32 News.

Doctor wins Canadian National Championships

Thunder Bay hosts Canadian Natl Champs. Great regatta. Awesome venue. Fantastic local support. 9 races sailed. Doctor won 5 of them. Then added 3 second place finishes and he threw out a 3rd. Congrats to Mark on a hard earned championship victory.

Canadian DN championship called ON !!!! Thunder Bay !!!

Here it is:
I'm headed up to Thunderbay this weekend. This is a really big sheet of sailable ice, and plenty of opportunity for cruising as well as racing! Mike Madge is the contact (807) 577-2109 or

Bushey and Son Earn Cover!

The March 2017 edition of Runner Tracks, the newsletter of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association is now out and two Minnesota boys are on the cover. John and Sam Bushey (US 5158 and US 5405, respectively) along with a German boat (G-900) are shown racing neck and neck at this year's Worlds. John is the talent behind the beautiful hand made trophies featured at this year's Gold Cup. The Busheys sail out of the Lake Riley Ice Yacht Cub and Sugar Shack. Runner Tracks has been posted at:

Browner 4-Petes(!) as Nite National Champion

Scott Brown of Upper Minnetonka continued his dominance of the Nite class winning his 4th straight Nite National Championship this past weekend in Gladstone Mi. All the big names of the fleet were there but not even the likes of Perrigo, Prange ,Frautschi , Wilfert, Hayashi or Sandford could match Scott's consistency over two days of racing. Very impressive, indeed. Congratulations Scott!

Waconia is wacky, Swede is sucky

Ice conditions today: Waconia still has a relatively consistent 8-10 inches of solid ice (except the open water), but it is way too rough for any iceboat to survive. It has gotten much worse since I last sailed it. I seriously had trouble just walking. Constant 1"-2" bumps on the entire surface. Trust me, I will sail anything, and this simply just isn't possible or smart. Swede Lake has a little less ice, but still about 6"-7" in all the spots I checked. Swede is also un-sailable with the same rough texture as Waconia.

The battle of Battle Lake

2017 ISA at Battle Lake, MN - Scott Brown2017 ISA at Battle Lake, MN - Scott Brown
Minnesota was well represented at the 2017 ISA regatta. JD placed second in A skeeters, Scott Brown won in Nites, Pat Heppert won in C skeeters, Mike Miller had an impressive 4th for his first Nite ISA, and Jim McDonagh in the B skeeter was going fast as heck, right before the mast blew up after the first lap of the first race. Ice was rough, even for skeeters. Too much wind on Friday for the ice conditions, great day Saturday racing, then about 4 inches of snow Saturday night. Great times!!

Tonka very rough

Don't believe everything the Hammer puts on the internet. Tonka ice from harry's to excelsior is far from excellent. Way too rough for a DN. No scrub racing occurred today.

DN scrub racing is on for tomorrow and Sunday. Launch at the Cottagewood firelane. The ice looks excellent!

DN scrub racing is on for tomorrow and Sunday. Launch at the Cottagewood firelane. The ice looks excellent!
US 4975

Nites -- ISA Regatta this weekend .... in our own state!

Yep, there's snow on the way, but it's forecast to stay south of Battle Lake, the site of this year's ISA Championship. JD sailed the lake just this morning and said it's smooth and slick. Tonka may be mushy, but it's another world north of Ashby.

Battle Lake hosted a Western Challenge a few years back, and drew nearly 90 boats. Hoping to muster up a bunch of Nites from the Twin Cities. Name the last time the ISA Regatta was this close to home. I think the answer is, "NEVER!!!!"

Details for launching and hotel stuff can be found at on the ISA page.

DN European Championships Final Results

Deteriorating ice forced the end of the Euro Champs after 2 days and 8 races. The Pols dominated and King Karol reigned supreme.

Pos Num Name Points Pos
1 P- 36 Jablonski, Karol 2 1 1 3 4 4 1 [5] 16,00 1
2 P- 114 Burczynski, Michal 1 [13] 2 2 1 2 8 1 17,00 2
3 P- 155 Zakrzewski, Lukasz 4 6 9 4 [14] 11 4 3 41,00 3
4T P- 13 Kardas, Darek 53/DSQ] 3 8 7 16 8 2 2 46,00T 4T
4T O- 31 Alvikis, Madars 7 7 12 6 7 1 [29] 6 46,00T 4T
15T US- 5166 Berger, Chris [35] 30 18 13 33 5 11 11 121,00T 15T
19T US- 5224 Thieler, James 9 [35] 6 23 29 26 17 30 140,00T 19T


anyone willing to part with a good used nite hull with springboard ...I have all other parts

It ain't over yet

This warn weather has many of us thinking about everything except iceboating, but, it "ain't over yet!"
For the DN's, the Central Regional Champs have yet to be sailed. For other fleets, the Nite nationals, the ISAs and the Northwestern's are still looking for venues.
Keep your runners sharp as any one of these major events could still be called on. Think Ice.

Madison Ice Feb 11

The 4LIYC says racing is called ON for the weekend of Feb. 11-12!
Launching at Mendota County Park. They report 12" of ice at the landing.
I am not aware of any Tonka DN sailors making the trip down.

Waconia delivers on a high wind day

Waconia 2-4-17 Waconia 2-4-17 view from inside the bubble (click for full report) What's the difference between fun, craziness, and stupidity? Ask someone else, because I have no idea. Today was an awesome high wind day on Waconia. Started out the day by breaking the false halyard rope while raising the sail, which was really a pain to get it fished out. Then proceeded with sailing in 20+ MPH winds, and I hit 80 MPH like nothing. With the rough ice, and sailing alone, speeds like that are not good, so I sat it out for a couple hours.

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