Sailing Sunday

Hey everyone,

Planning to sail DNs in the Ashby area this Sunday. Primary site is Battle lake. Jimmy and I are headed up to get a day in and gather some intel for a regatta next week end. If you have any information on the conditions in that area please respond here. Modis pictures look good.

US 4691

Bob Pegel Memorial Service

Bob Pegel's memorial service is scheduled for March 28, 2015 at Toynton’s in Walworth, WI.
10 a.m. visitation. 11 a.m. service.

Bob Pegel: Sad News

Below is a slightly edited email I received from Loretta Rehe who wrote:

It is with great sadness that I notify you of the death of a great
iceboating ambassador. Bob Pegel died peacefully this morning.


Apostle Islands

Could be a fun trip,even if you don,t get to iceboat.

Ice Wisdom to Live By…

Reprinted from the NEIYC web site:

As we await news of Zamboni action, here is something to think about.

DO NOT BE THE FFF GUY. DO NOT be that guy!!!

What is FFF? Well it is not a racing term; it should be avoided by all. It relates to new ice, and it has three parts:

1. Do not be FIRST- Yes someone has to be first to sail the new area, but do not do it alone. Sail the
new ice with a buddy (remember never sail alone) scouting together. At least insure there is another boat ready to go, rapid transit to come help you if need be, and someone is watching you out there.

SE Iowa

Lake MacBride has 8" of lumpy gray ice, mostly snow free. I'd give it a 5. Lots of wind predicted for the next seven days. I happened to google Lake Benton in SW MN which the maps show to be in the center of a snow free zone. In the last few days they've had snow, sheet water, two deaths and a ground blizzard.

DN Gold Cup Video

Here is a pretty cool video taken from a drone on the 2nd day of racing at the Gold Cup in Kingston Ontario. I was not pleased to see a drone flying around in the pits as I thought it was an unnecessary hazard, but it sure takes some cool video.

Also, a local news clip about the races. Unfortunately, it is not in english, but the video may be worth watchinging

CSI Plank For Sale

CSI plank for sale- Cedar and glass, 2 1/2" of crown, bends 1 1/2" with 190 lb of weight.

Good for a heavier sailor or take a sander to it and soften it up a bit....

Looks great, gloss black Awlgrip paint, foot pads installed, holes drilled for Struble chock studs.


Contact T for details and photos

401 258 6230

Any local ice???

Since there is now NO snow in my front yard, my tiny brain tells me there should be good local ice somewhere?
Post what you know about local conditions. Where's da ice? Any possibility of Tonka this weekend?
Bald Eagle is reportedly still snowed out, so I'm assuming White Bear Lake is similar.
I scouted Waconia this afternoon, and found 0" - 2" of very, very hard packed snow, and pretty bumpy. It's a solid 1.0 on the official rating scale. Might be sailable with a DN, slush runners to stay on top of snow areas, and 15 MPH breeze. I wouldn't recommend it unless you know a good dentist.

Commodore Miller: Thank You!

Like everyone else who attended the 2014 Western Region Championship Regatta, I am still riding the adrenaline rush that only comes after racing on perfect ice with a strong breeze. Thus, this is a perfect time to take a moment and thank our fearless leader, Commodore Mike Miller, for everything he did to make sure the regatta took place.

Nite Nationals Results

I believe this is Scott Brown's second National Championship in a row!

Nite fleet
Pos Sail# Name Race> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Points
1 559 Brown, Scott 1 1 3 1 1 ( 3) 2 1 10.00
2 544 Erwin, Terry 2 2 1 2 2 4 ( 27) 3 16.00

2015 DN Western's Results- Green Lake Wi Jan 17-18, 2015

Green Lake, Wi provided 36 Midwest DN racers a real treat. 9.5 ice conditions, temps in the mid 30"s and winds from 9-17 MPH over 2 days on a fast surface. We tried something new as there was only one sailable course to use, the Nite Nationals was held with the DN Westerns. They had one of the largest Nite Fleets in years counting 31. The DN's had 36 racers so both Silver and Gold started together and we split out the results and trophies based on their fleet registration designation. 7 races for the DN's and 8 for the Nites on a great 1 mile course.

Scott Brown Wins Nite Nationals-Again!

Scott Brown from Lake Minnetonka won his second consecutive Nite National Championship today. He defeated former National Champ Terry Erwin and Will Perrigo, who finished 2 and 3, respectively. Scott demonstrated incredible speed and amazing consistency as he won 5 of the 8 races sailed.

The two day regatta was held on Green Lake Wisconsin under ideal race conditions. Near perfect ice and a strong breeze put big grins on the faces of the 31 competitors who sailed the event.

Green Lake is the place to be.

Green Lake, Wi.: DN Western Champs and Nite Nationals.
Awesome ice. 2 mile by 2 mi sheet. Hard. Smooth. Black. Clear. Fast.
Still time to get here. Winds forecasted at 10 to 14.
DN sharing course with Nite fleet. Bald Eagle IYC here in full force with 10 Nites on the line. Also showing some fast moves at Norton's bar.
See you in the morning. Should be an awesome day!

Partner needed for Western DN Regions

Mike Miller here,
Looking for a fellow DN racer who wants to share an enclosed trailer Friday morning to drive to Green Lake Wi. I have a great Tahoe tow vehicle and a room to share at the Heidel House in Green Lake.
The ice sheet is great with good winds and warm temps predicted.
Give me a call or text at 612-868-2949

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