North Long Lake pictures 12/10/17

Another great day on North Long Lake. The wind was blowing hard in the morning...... Until the Minnetonka crew showed up. Coincidence or nature's conspiracy?? Set race course 90 degrees different than Saturday, and the winds just kept getting lighter. Started packing it up about 1 PM. Pictures:
12/10/17 North Long lake 1 12/10/17 North Long lake 2
12/10/17 North Long lake 3 12/10/17 North Long lake 4
12/10/17 North Long lake 5 12/10/17 North Long lake 6
12/10/17 North Long lake 7

Western Skeeter Challenge Regatta results

2017 Western Skeeter Challenge Regatta
Regatta completed on 12/09/17 with three races. All classes were well represented. John Dennis was the overall winner. Thanks to Northern Cowboy bar and grill on North Long Lake for the use of the launch and great venue.
R1 R2 R3
John Dennis U-194 1.0 1.0 2.0
Pat Heppert I-291 2.0 2.0 1.0
Jim McDonagh I-234 DNS 3.0 3.0

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North Long Lake is still perfect

Sunday is the day to sail North Long Lake. A few may go Sat. Are other options are not safe! Many have said they are in. Just spoke to Northern Cowboy. No snow on lake. Just a few flurries. We can back trailers on ice and roll them to setup spots. Winds look best at 8 or 9 mph from 9 AM to 2PM. Perfect temps. See you there. Scrub racing marks will be there.
The public landing is still ok too. Get there early. Do not try to sail thru the channel to the east big lake or along the East shore- open water out 100 yards!

Swede sunset

Swede lake is completely locked up, but too thin. It cracked under my feet, so I didn't make it out more than about 100 feet. It froze in several pieces, and is not "Hollywood" quality, but still will be good in a few days. By Sunday morning, it will probably be 2" thick, but I still wouldn't tempt the mermaids quite yet. Recommend heading to Brainard.
Swede Lake 12-7-17
Drove by Waconia, looks mostly frozen but many large holes, and not ready for at least a week.

Thursday Dec 7 Ice report

UPdate at 10 am
Silver Lake- Many open spots yesterday, froze overnight. Nathan hopes to kite scout it Sat for possible Sunday racing, but could be sketchy. No snow on it yet.

Christina- Large parts had opened up on Monday incl a large area of open water by his property with big winds since. Jim has not looked at it since. He expects the calmer winds locked it up last night. He will check it for depth and report back.

Western Challenge Results

Despite heavy air sailing on Thursday, tons of scrub races Friday and some hot laps over the lunch hour on Saturday, the Gold Fleet only sailed one "official" race. Here are the results:
1 M 53 Peter Hamrack -- Hungary
2 US 5432 Mike Bloom
3 US 5469 Chad Atkins
4 US 4824 The Doctor
5 US 216 Rich Potcova
6 H 467 Dideric van Riemsdijk -- Netherlands
7 US 5352 Dan Hearn
8 US 4868 Julie Richards
9 US 5166 Chris Berger
10 US 4480 Aaron Stange

Thanks to all those who traveled extreme distances to sail the GWC.


Sunday first race silver fleet 10 am

Great Western Challenge

Skippers meeting 10 AM at the Northern Cowboy launch.
Racing shortly after.
Per JD

Backup parking

The Northern Cowboy Flame & Brew. The owner Brian will be happy to let us park up to 15 trailers on the lower yard next to the lake. They can be left there all night. The boats can park right on the lake next to the restaurant. Vehicles may drive down to this location on the grass. Once you unload, move vehicles to the east on the large grassy space behind the storage building and home, as he owns 600 feet of shoreline.

Do not park your vehicle or trailer in the restaurant parking stalls!

We got the goods!

Hollywood ice as good as it gets! North Long Lake. Drilled a dozen holes all thicker than 5” ice. No hazards noted.
Do not back trailers on the ice. Need to keep it solid. We will look at 2 additional launch sites on North Long shortly. Meyer proclaims Oh Yea!

Update on North Long Lake

Our ice is holding fine, in case you were concerned.
Just got off a FaceTime call from my local icescout. The launch site is solid. Lake is still a 9 rating and only one on it now was a guy ice skating all over!
Monday morning we had a legendary ice surfer on it in AM. He reported “magical ice”. He covered most of the 1 mile X 1.1 mile bay. The only reason he left at 12:30 was fear of falling on the skim coat of 1/4” moisture. Today it has no shell or standing water. Reported to be 4-5” thick.

Launch and Hotel for DN Great Western Challenge

Launch Site right on Hwy 371, 6 miles north of Brainerd. Note at this point the sailing area is the scouted smaller bay of North Long Lake right next to launch.

Headquarters Hotel is the Days Inn- Baxter/Brainerd. Phone is 218-829-3080. Located 4 miles south of Launch Site, just north of Brainerd.

Great Western Challenge called on.

The Great Western Challenge is called on for Dec 1-3, 2017. Primary Site is North Long Lake. 5 miles north of Brainerd, MN. The boys did a great job scouting in light air. No soft spots like last year!
Watch for lodging information by the end of the day.
3 possible back up sites located near Twig, MN, 120 miles NE will be scouted this week. Just about zero chance of snow or rain with below freezing temperatures each night look promising.
See library image for photo taken today.

Christina update

Friday 3 PM ice report of Christina:
1. Had a short period of light rain this afternoon. Now has a great skim coat.
2. 46 F high today, 33 on Sat, 40 Sun, 48 Mon, get the idea!
3. Ice and landing holding good at 5” ice out 100 ft.
4. The same 3-4 open holes/seams from last Sunday have somewhat increased in size
5. There continues to be a small racing area we used Sunday good for maybe 20 boats on a half mile course at most.
6. Twin Cities group plans to skip Sat and head up Sunday in hopes they can find a 1 mile square area that is safe of holes

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