Extending the cockpit

I've always wanted to extend the cockpit on my DN and this year I was able to do it.

JD opened up his garage to the iceboaters. The shop is great. It's been recently insulated (thanks gang..) and JD put in a kickass heater..

Hot Dog

JD and his skeeterThis took about 5 lazy trips out to the shop, (shop night is monday & tuesday). JD was working on his new skeeter, but took time out to help me with me project.

So first step is too check the rule book, and mark the location of the new bulk head.
checking the rule book

I didn't go to the max cockpit length, because I'm not that tall, and there is DN stearing gear in the way.

dn sail wanted

I am looking for a good condition DN sail. I'm not a racer so I just need a good all around medium air sail.
Dick Navratil

'04 Nite Nationals are scheduled

The '04 Nite Nationals are scheduled for December 4th and 5th, best ice in Wisconsin/Minnesota. Final location will be posted by noon on Thursday, December 2nd. Alternate date will be the following weekend.

The '05 Nationals will be scheduled for sometime in January, but the official date has not been selected yet as we're trying not to conflict with the Northwest and/or DN worlds.

Ice Boat Swap Meets

Other than the William's Bay swap meet in November are there any other swap meets in the southern WI area? I custom make DN iceboat parts to Sarn's specs. Also have several sets of 30" steel side runners, 26" front runner, blunt nose profile available for sale. For parts list:


alumium mast sections

Newbie looking at building a DN and needs info on where to get a bare aluminum mast extrusion to fit the Sarns hardware. Is it a Dwyer section, Kenyon section etc. Where to source would be a great help as well!

JK - Madison WI

Wanted DN Mast

I'm looking for a used aluminum DN mast is good shape, I'll use for cruising not racing. E-mail: gary.gustafson@nrgenergy.com

Western Challeng Regatta


Western Challenge Regatta is scheduled for December 3,4,5. Friday is set aside for scrub racing and is almost always the best day. Racing Saturday and Sunday. We are expecting a large turn out this year so Get ready!

First ice check is friday November 26. We will post our findings here.

It's Time!

Shop is insulated furnace is operational and the Skeeter is in pieces. Thanks to the efforts of John Loomis and Pat Hutner the shop is isulated. Not a fun Job but they stuck with it until complete. The regattas are gong to happen early this year so we're getting on it. The Skeeter restoration is in full swing. When I figure out the picture posting thing I will put a couple of progress photos up. Shop is open Monday and Tuesday nights from six to ten at my house if anyone is interested in stopping by.

(phone)612 840 9855

"Trust Me" Renegade Rennovation

About a year ago (July 7, 2003) I bought a "fixer upper" Renegade. During most of the (ongoing) rennovation/restoration project I took many photos. As I upload them here, I'll try and provide a running commentary in both the blog and in this article.

Summer Projects?

Hi all,

There's a pretty active year-round builders group here in Madison:

In Jim Nordhaus' shop there are two Renegades under construction/rennovation, along with a DN modification, a slew of insert runners, and a bunch of minor repairs/upgrades. Bill Mattison and Paul Krueger are hard at work on their Skeeters, Jerry and Greg Simon are building a new Renegade, and Doug Kolner is building a new DN.

I'm curious about what off-season projects other people are working on. Post some photos!

Runner Oiling

Summer is fun, but with the onset of humid weather, I remembered over the weekend that it was time to check the runners for rustproofing. The WD40 that I have used in the past never did a very good job of protection for anything but short periods, so I decided several months ago to try something longer lasting. Grease was the first thought, but that is to messy. After cleaning three sets of steel and one set of stainless with a scouring type pad, a coat of 90 weight gear oil was applied. Well I was pleasantly surprised this past weekend to find them all rust-free and still very well coated with the heavy oil.

Ice Out on Lake Minnetonka

The warm steady wind on Saturday took out most of the ice on the main lake however Sundays lack of wind was unable to finish it off.

Monday morning 98% of the ice was gone. I think the official ice out day will be 04/05/2004.

Until next winter.


Any ice in Minnesota?

Just checking to see if last week's warm temps did in the ice "up north". I'm especially interested to hear if there's anything on Minnetonka and the lakes around there.


Geoff Sobering
DN US-5156

Lake Minnetonka - Today!

A number of local DN sailors are launching off of the cottagewood firelanes, lake Minnetonka, MN and planning to sail.

Ice has been recently sailed and is generally regarded as pretty good spring ice.


UPDATE: Western "Spring Regatta" ON for Madison

Posted by: John Davenport on March 19, 2004 at 15:14:55:

Due to ice conditions and the forecast for Green Bay, the regatta has moved to Mendota in Madison, WI. From the East, go West on I-94. Just before Madison, go straight on 30. Cross E. Washington Ave. and 30 turns into Aberg. Vear right on Packer ave. Vear left on Northport. Vear left on Troy. First left on Foster. Over/under tracks and left on Woodward. Warner park is on the right. Do what the locals tell you to do! Runner discussion with John Dennis Sat night.

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