Wanted: Used DN Sail

Mice ate my sail. Looking for something used that doesn't have mouse doodoo, holes, or the bubonic plauge on it. This is for cruising, not racing.

Also might want a used mast for cruising.

Twin Cities area.
Dallas - 952-931-9108 - dallas@dallasjohnson.net

Wanted used DN carbon or glass mast

Need to upgrade from my aluminum mast. Any one with a spare mast in Twin Cities area, either email me at miller.m@mchsi.com or phone 952-471-3062. Need before the Western Regional. Prefer the latest model.

Western Regions Regatta


this is from the IDNIYRA bulletin board
Posted by: John Davenport on December 14, 2003 at 17:17:27:
Western Lakes Region Championships
January 3rd & 4th
Where? TBD, but as close to the east as possible
Registration Saturday, 8am-9am local
Skippers meeting 10:15am
First start 11:00am
HOTLINE 414-297-9000
Confirmation on the hotline 10:00pm Thursday
We usually have over 60 boats, so there will two fleets.

stainless plate runners

I have a welder friend (welds stainless for a living) who is willing to make me a set of ss runners!! I am very confident in his ability, but he needs details!?? What grade stainless, etc.etc... Any help, suggestions, opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

National Weather Service Snowmapping Center Website

Check out:
and click on "interactive products"
You will find you can build your own map whereever you live. This website has wonderful tools to help you find current surface winds, snow depths, and many more Gee Wiz tools to find those 'perfect' sailing sites throughout the USA and parts of Canada! Just because you have snow on your lake today doesn't mean the lake in the next county is the same.

Lake Pepin Report

For Friday, Dec 17, about 70% snow cover at the SE end growing to about 90% at the NW end of Lake Pepin. The good news, it is only about 1" thick on average, just a firm, wind pack condition but not crusty. Sailable with a good wind. Should be better this weekend with the warm weather. Launching off the landing at the south end of Lake City.


Lake Minnetonka Ice Report

The Main Lake is showing 40-50% ice. The snow drifts are 1-5 inches in depth. With a little sun and warm weather the ice will be great!

There is the typical pressure ridge starting at Spirit Island going to the Nothern end of Big Island. Looks like thin ice around the western edge of pressure ridge by Big Island.

Kite Skier spotted (Vojta) on Thursday afternoon (15-25 NNW). Vojta went all the way up to Wayzata and down to Excelsior and said the Ice looked good.

See you in Cottagewood Sat am.

Lake Minnetonka, MN Ice Report- Inserts by Sunday

This report transcribed from US 602:

Recent snow covers the lake in depths of 1/2" to 2", but immanently boatable. With the current conditions and forecast we propose to sail this weekend, launching off of the firelanes in Cottagewood.

602 suggests it may very well be "inserts" by Sunday...

If you don't know how to find, Email the Doctor of JD...

Think Ice


FIRST complete German iceyacht film

Icesailing on Video! I sell the first amateur-film about the history of icesailing in Germany!
`Segelschwingen` - the film! It includes pictures from the 50s till now! Iceboats like DNs, XII and XV-monotype ice-yachts are shown! I know icesailing in the Netherlands is more traditional and has a longer history but there are some interesting and spectacular shots! Enjoy it for yourselve! filmlength 45min price: 18,-â?¬+8â?¬ porto (Europe) !
contact: leifbaehr@hotmail.com or tel +493050179679 (evening)

For Sale: NITE #328

For Sale: NITE #328, black hull, red interior, crisp Bowers sail, runners, plank, mast and North Sail hull cover. Boat has been stored for 6 years inside, used very little and has been very well cared for. For photo check website: www.iceboat.org under "buy and sell shop". Located on Lake Minnetonka,Mn.

Price: $5500 obo
Phone: (952)474-1728 Diane


Boecraft Skeeter, B Class, side by side 2 seater , 24'wooden mast, 18'runner plank, runners, sail, battens, 3 interior cushions and complete like new covers. Very well cared for and used little. Stored for 6 years inside. Located on Lake Minnetonka, Mn. Photo available on www.iceboating.org See the"buy and sell shop" for 12/02/03 on The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club website. The boat is also featured on Twin City Event Calendar for 2004 for January.

Price:$7500 obo
Phone: (952)474-1728 Diane

Tonka Bay, Lake Minnetonka MN

Nine DN's sailed nine races Saturday on Lake Minnetonka, launching out of Tonka Bay and remain setup to sail today.

Directions to launch site, From Co 19, East on Tonka Bay Rd, to West Point Rd, (should be ~ 3rd left )N on Westpoint Rd to water, park.

Launch site maps:

yahoo map

Tonka Bay, Lake Minnetonka, MN

A number of DNs, led by US 602, will attempt sailing on Tonka Bay, Lake Minnetonka MN today.

Detailed Ice Report, as well as launch site suggestions will be posted later in the day.

Think Ice

MN -Lake Minnetonka is Frozen over.

12/12/03 12pm
I just spoke with some one who lives on the main lake of Minnetonka and they said the entire lake froze over last night.


36" plate runners

36" plate runners are hard to find, either used or just the raw material. I am looking for two good shape 36" plates, or a source to get the steel, preferrably profiled.

Corey Hughes, NIte 341

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