Western "Spring Regatta" ON for Green Bay


Posted by: John Davenport on March 18, 2004 at 13:50:48:

The DN Western "Spring Regatta" is ON for Green Bay this weekend March 20-21. There is 20" of ice on the Bay. Saturdays forecast is the wildcard with "Warm & Wind", but Sat night will be cold, (21) and Sunday's high just above freezing. Final call by noonish Friday. Launching is from the Sailing club. Details to follow.

white bear

any shot on white bear early saturday or sunday if the temps drop as predicted? sailed crystal bay on tuesday and sailing was good until ice softened. if any chance post it. hope to see you this weekend. dn 904

Wawasee Lake, Indiana: Winter 2003-04

An Historical Remembrance of the Past Season's Sailing:

December 2003:
Waiting on Ice... Syracuse Lake has frozen over a couple of times, very thin ice, not over an inch or so. Christmas came and went with boat sitting on front porch, runners cleaned and ready.

January 10, 2004
Took a trip to sail on Sand Lake, MI. Watched the Toledo Group race and sailed their course between races. Sailed at home Sunday on Syracuse Lake for approx. three hours. Ice was maybe an 8 or 9... Oh what fun!

January 21, 2004
Windy conditions, very gusty, potentially very fast (dangerous?) sailing. Snow drifts covering the whole lake makes for a rough, thrilling ride. DN kept trying to throw me out. Learned a lot about riding a hike. Only two other boats on the ice late this afternoon.

DN items for sale

Now that the reigning North American Champion is in Minnesota, I'll be upgrading a lot of equipment in my program in order to compete in this new, rarified air, and hopefully grow our local fleet. I'm currently offering items on eBay. They can be seen by following the following link. More items will be listed on 3/14


Of course all these listed items will be available for local inspection in the Minneapolis area, upon request.

Ice is Everything



The GTIYC Fun Regatta has been cancelled due to heavy lake affect snow.

GTIYC Fun Regatta

The GTIYC Fun Regatta is on for March 13&14. The regatta site is at the Whitewater Township park on Elk Lake. From the Village of Williamsburg, turn North on Elk Lake Road (605)and go North 3 miles to Park Road; turn East on Park road and go 9/10 of a mile to the launch on Elk Lake (coordinates N44.8166 and W-85.3854).

Friday night registration will be at the Grand Traverse Yacht Club on M2 along Grand Traverse West Bay, 4/10 mile North of the intersection of M72 and M22 on Traverse City's west side, from 7:30pm to 9:0pm. Registration will continue Sasturday morning, at the regatta site on Elk Lake, between 8:30am and 9:30am. Skippers meeting will be at 10:0am, and with skippers help, races will start at 11:0am.


Elk Lake was sailed Wed March 10 by Dick Wollam and Bob Gray in DNs, and Skip Stauber in a C Skeeter. They launched at a spacious and fully equipped DNR public ramp at the southwest end where it's 1.25 miles across the lake to Lake Skegmog. They sailed for hours and went all the way north to the White Birch Lodge.

They're going back Thursday to see what happens after the weather system goes through Wednesday night to re-evaluate. Pesky snow forecast. Sun could burn it off in a day.
There's also ice at north Torch Lake and north Lake Leelanau. Which lake? Better ice? Better launching? Best place to throw a party?

GTIYC Fun Regatta

Are many planning to head for Traverse City this weekend? I haven't seen much info on this site, and it's been a slow day for posts.
There were 146 guests online at 0900 this morning, so apparently lots of people are...

Thinking Ice!
Scott C.

any ice

is there any sailable ice any where near the twin cities ? alexandria area ? one more fix this season could make summer just a little bit shorter. plese post any possibilities. thanks,dn 904

Lake Minnetonka Ice Report

I walked the main lake Wednesday night and the slush and standing water is gone/frozen. I would estimate 80% Ice and 20% snow cover with a light dusting of snow covering the entire lake. The old snow cover is less than one inch in most areas.

However, the ice is rough in the well traveled areas on the lake from snowmobile/ATV tracks in the slush this past weekend.

Spring Ice Boating is here depending on what happens with the snow storm coming.

I will post another ice report before the weekend.


GTIYC UPDATE March 4, 2004

The Michigan State Police are asking the public for any information they may have as to the whereabouts of Traverse City’s TV station 7&4 chief meteorologist, Greg MacMaster. Mr. MacMaster was abducted from the stations parking lot shortly after completing the 11:00 p.m. news broadcast. The police noted evidence of a vicious struggle in the parking lot and pieces of what appears to be sailcloth material, duct tape and sailing ropes. An unidentified source at the local Michigan State Police office said that several members of the Grand Traverse Ice Yacht Club were questioned early this morning concerning the weatherman’s disappearance, but that they stuck to their story that they knew nothing, saw nothing, nor had anything to do with matter. The club believes that they are being “set up.”

Annual FUN Regatta - March 6-7, 2004, Traverse City, Michigan

The 2004 GTIYC FUN Regatta is scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday, March 6-7th. Although run under the protocol of IDNIYRA rules, the regatta is designed and operated as a FUN two days of racing. There will be two fleets for DNs (gold and silver) and an open class for all other boats.

Entry fee is $20.00, which covers all racing cost and food on the ice. Proof of liability insurance is required.

Registration will be Friday the 5th at the Grand Traverse yacht Club on West Grand Traverse Bay (13615 South West Bay Shore Drive, also known as M22) beginning at 7:30 p.m. , and at the race site on Saturday the 6th. Skippers meeting will be at 9:00 a.m. Saturday.

John Dennis is the 2004 North American DN Champion!

2004 NA Champion!!Minnesota Iceboating Assoc Founding Member and Western Region Sailor John Dennis, us4691, wins the 2004 North American DN Championship!

John Dennis, (aka JD), put his sights on the championship over 10 years ago when he first went to a North Americans, and after a few close calls he completed this outstanding goal.

The NA's turned out to be a one day shoot-out on Sandusky Bay, Ohio, home of the Sandusky Sailing Club. We waited on Friday (practice day), Saturday, and Sunday and finally on Monday racing began in earnest. Patience and Perseverance was what was needed to get through this regatta in Ohio.

Iceboat Runner Sharpener for Sarns Blades – SPECIAL PRICE

Selling last few Iceboat Runner Blade Sharpeners for Sarnes blades at a reduced price of $75 plus $8 shipping. They are machined to .0005 tolerance and can be used with any belt sander.

For pictures go to: http://www.iceboat.org/buy%20and%20sell.htm and scroll down to 1/11/04 on the left (look for Don Gillum, Eagle River)

Don Gillum
Eagle River, WI
Phone: (715) 477-1200
FAX: (715) 479-8009
email: dcgillum@nnex.net

FOR SALE: Complete DN Iceboat

FOR SALE: Complete DN Iceboat ready to sail...
-Sarns Runners with aluminum stiffeners
-Boston Sail with fiberglass battens
-Adjustable shrouds and stays
-Wood mast with external CF reinforcement
-Runner plank w/Aluminum cast chocks
-Harken blocks, main sheet, ice picks, sail bag and runner carry box

Plank is a little soft but useable, Lost 1 batten last year, some proper repairs made to hull, price reflects this.

Boat is in Rochester, NY and I would deliver in the Wester/Central NY area for tolls and gas.

Condition: Well Enjoyed !
Year: ~1980
Price: $1500 Firm
Contact info: Dan coughlin

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