Montana Ice

Good ice in Montana if anyone is heading this way!

Weekend iceboating location?

Where is this weekend's iceboating gathering location (in MN)?

Are there any bays of Mtka adequately frozen yet?


A sticky situation was been amicably resolved regarding the use of a non-conforming hull in the National. Greg Simon was originally not scored because his hull is not fiberglass nor made by the class-approved builder. Greg believed he should have been scored because he had his boat measured several years ago by the builder.

The technical committee reversed their decision as of 12/15/04 and the '04 champion is now Greg Simon. Terry Erwin shifts to second.

The final, final results are:

Lake Christina holds rare Nite regatta

Lake Christina was an awesome venue for the Nite National. Only 12 boats, but we set the tone that hopefully will influence the fleet in the future -- early season iceboating in Minnesota is great stuff.

Thanks to the JD, Jim McDonagh and Mark Kiefer for local information and race support. It's much appreciated.

Results should be posted on the Nite site shortly.

Cool photos from Christiana...


    Christina 12/11/04
    A foggy Start at Christina 12/11/04
    Christina 12/11/04
    Christina 12/11/04
    One more from Christina

And something else...

    Test sail on Christina

Nites on "Christina"...

There's a report by Madisonian Niter Greg Simon about the Nite Nationals posted on:


Geoff S.

How was Christiana this weekend?

It looks like the winds today may be a bit much:

35 mph, gusting to 43!

Yesterday's winds looked much better. How was the sailing?


Geoff S.

Runner Sharpening

I just bought an older DN with dull rusty runners. Any idea where I can get them sharpened? I live in Plymouth near Lake Minnetonka(West of Minneapolis).

Nite Nationals a go

The Nite Nationals are confirmed ON for Saturday and Sunday on Lake Christina. A few boats will be scrub racing Friday. Safety meeting at 9 AM Saturday on the ice. Five races Saturday, three Sunday. Race instructions available at the hotel and at the meeting.

Sander parts

JD Thanks for a good regatta as usual. Here is a link to a company I bought a drive wheel and Idler wheel from for a new sander .Nice turned aluminum.
Also I found a company in MN a while back that made the idler tensioner
The ICKLER Co. Or Ikler ?

BOB Rast DN1313

Complete Results For the 2004 Western Challenge

Epic First Weekend of Iceboating at the Western Challenge

Yeehaa.. don't let yer coot throw yaI think everyone got their fill of iceboating this weekend. On both Saturday & Sunday we had strong winds and smooth ice. The ice got better on Sunday and the wind was more consistent then Saturday. We managed to get in 5 races for gold and 4 races for silver on Saturday, and then on Sunday we got in 3 races for gold and 4 for silver for a total of 8 races for each fleet. With 1 mile courses the skippers where able to achieve the top speeds of the modern DN.

Thanks to all who travelled so far to make this the biggest, best Western Challenge in recent history.

Thanks to JD for doing a great job as the Race Chairman and also thanks to the skippers who did race commitee while their fleet wasn't racing.

--click on the read more below for complete results--

Nite Nationals "ON"

The '04 Nite Nationals are called on for Lake Christina December 11/12. Lodging and directions to follow.

2004 DN Western Challenge

Many thanks to the ~ 50 competitors who joined the Minnesota Ice Sailing Association in "kicking off" the season this past weekend at MilePost 8, Lake Christina, Ashby, MN.

We appreciate the great distances some of you travelled, and hope you found both the ice suitable and enough sailing for one weekend.

Think ice!


who won

anyone know who won th echallenge?

Western Challenge 2004 : Day 1 Results

Lake Christina, Saturday, December 4th, 2004

Friday practice session was a good day with significant surface melting at the end of the day. The sailor retired for the night with hopes of a hard freeze. Saturday morning arrived to morning temp 34 and 10 - 20 mph breeze from the North that chilled your bones. The morning sun shined off a beautiful smooth surface and the sailors eyed it with joy.

With the course set and the fleet divided into Gold (30 boats) and Silver (21 boats) the day began.

With a 16 - 18 and gusts of 26 mph the racing got underway. The first leeward rounding of the Gold Fleet provide for some interesting viewing for the silver fleet folks observing. With 6 spin outs on the first leeward rounding the tone was set for the rest of the day.

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