Northwest Regatta ON - Lake Monona, Madison, WI

The Northwest Ice Yacht Association Regatta has been called on for Madison, Wi for the weekend of January 23, 24, 25, 2004 on Lake Monona. Launch site is Olin Park located on John Nolan Drive on the west end of Lake Monona.

Parking permits will not be needed for the Olin Park lot. The City of Madison will not be enforcing the new parking permit requirement.


Geoff S.

2004 Nite Nationals

The 2004 Nite National Championship is tentatively CALLED ON for January 24-25 in Madison, Wisconsin. We are checking out suitable ice so as not to conflict with the Northwest which is also called on. Check status by either visiting the Nite web site or calling the hotline number at 262-367-1656.

The Nite Nationals are sailed under the by-laws and sailing instructions of the International Nite Class Association. The entry fee is $15.00 per yacht and the skipper must be a member of the International Nite Class Association to participate.

We will have the annual meeting at the regatta to discuss fleet issues and elect officers.

KEE-RASH! - Posted by: Will on White Bear Lake


Posted by: Will on White Bear Lake on January 17, 2004 at 19:06:23:

As far as I know, we had a new kind of ice-boating accident on WBL today. One of our DN regulars (we won't mention names, let's just call him "Lucky Dude" from now on) accidentally collided with an SUV. OUCH!

L.D. estimated that he was traveling at about 40 mph when he hit the vehicle and that he never saw it coming. He was blind-sided by the sail and he knew nothing was amiss until the Big Crunch. After the accident, he could remember NOTHING about the accident from that point on but, other than being all shook up, he is basically intact and did not require medical care.

Iceboat Runner Sharpener for Sarns blades

Iceboat Runner Sharpener for Sarns blades. Machined to .0005" tolerance and to be used with any belt sander.
$100 plus $8.00 shipping & handling.
Don Gillum
Eagle River, WI
Phone: (715) 477-1200
FAX: (715) 479-8009

Clear Lake,Ia

Ice on the north shore was in excellent shape Friday nite. At 7:00 Saturday and 29.5 deg the 1/4 inch of rain did no harm to the condition.Low spots are filled in and freezing, by noon should be done.Boat covers had frozen sheets on.Most sail out of the north shore west of the Harborage condominums or the fish hatchery.Weather channel has the best forcast for 50428 zip not cold but howling! Sunday will be better yet. Come on down!

Lake Onalaska

Sailed Lake Onalaska (near La Crosse, WI) on Monday. Ice near perfect. Pressure ridges flattened out Sunday night.

Northwest Regatta | postponed

From the phone hotline:

Postponed till Jan 23,24,25th

lost Oshkosh ice because of snow,
Madison lakes - good but not thick enough (~ 5")

next update jan 18th after 6:00pm

Nite #328 SOLD

NITE 328 SOLD as well as Skeeter

Looking to buy....

Looking to buy a J-14, Nite or Renegade. I am from the Long Island, NY area and will travel within a reasonable distance. I also have a Weeks built DN in great condition for possible trade or sale as well. Kenyon aluminum mast, boom, sarns runners, bags for all hardware and hull. Conctact Chris at or (631) 283-6600 days

Boecraft Skeeter B Class SOLD/ Nite #328 FOR SALE

Boecraft Skeeter B Class posted on 12/16/03 is SOLD.
Nite #328 still for sale. Photo on under "buy and sell shop" for 12/02/03. Excellent condition, crisp Bowers sail, black hull with red cockpit, runners, wooden mast, plank and North Sail hull cover. Very well cared for, stored inside. Lake Minnetonka, Mn.
Price: $5500 obo Phone: (952) 474-1728


I live close to Lake Pepin and have a huge desire to go for a ride on an iceboat. Anybody know of an outfit that does this or can I convince someone out here to take me along sometime??

Ice Speed Record - Windjet

Check out this Ice boat!! How fun would this be to drive!!! Look at the home page of the Windjet boat smashing through a snow drift.

AndyF US 494

J-14 Iceboat Plans

Anyone know wher I can obtain a set of construction plans for a J-14 iceboat? I recently saw some stuff on this design and really got interested, but I can't seem to find any source for the plans.

Mast for Sale

I have a jeff kent mast for sale. It is a composite,wood,carbon,glass. The price is $550.00. US 4824

Runner Sharpening - Tonka Bay MN

I want a girl with shoes that cut...The ice will be hard this weekend, it's time to sharpen up runners. 4695's sharpener is setup in Tonka Bay at 602's place.

"Cruiser Sharpen" - $12/blade, Mon - Thurs- 1 day turnaround - Precision Machine Sanded, removes dings from running edges.

"Race Sharpen" Precision Machine Sanded, Hand Honed 120/220/320/400/600 grit, done right. $25.00/blade.

call 612-414-6829 or email member 4695

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