Grand Traverse Ice Yacht Club (GTIYC), Traverse City, MI

GTIYC has a new web site and plan on keeping it active and up to date throught the year. We cover NW Lower Michigan. To get regular updates on our ice conditions, where we are sailing, and regatta information, check us out and add us to your links.

Thanks, see you on the ice,

blast from the past LAST YEARS results

So everybody can pick a fight this year... and remember how you did last year..

Here's a link to LAST YEARS Western Challenge results...

Lake Oahe, South Dakota

Earlier this fall I was out hunting near Mobridge, SD. Residents there said that they had almost no snow all winter and the lake was iced over firm enough for fishing.
Anybody ever ice sailed on this lake? Have heard that resevoirs can be treacherous. Locals indicated otherwise.
Chip P

Site Wish List...

I'm going to be upgrading the site to the new drupal code. Drupal is what this site is using for the content management.

I'll also be playing with the layout a bit. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of a 2 column setup, so the forum's and pictures have more room. And try to get rid of some of the front page clutter.

I'll also add a few features like bookmarks, pictures on the front page, removing those comment pulldowns, adding html chat, buddy lists, notifications on forums.

I'd really like to see some sort of WAP/phone interface so you could check/check-in using those new high-tech phones. With a picture phone, someone could do a pretty good early morning on-scene report.

How are runner bodies shimmed?

I've heard talk of using a spare chock to align all runners the same by shimming. I've built a laser runner edge sight, and have a pair of laser levels for chock alignment, but I'm not sure about what shims are constructed of, etc.

Opti DN

Not a toy, this is a great sailing little boat. Very stable and controllable. Could also fit light adult with narrow butt, (not mine).
Basswood OPTI, including sail and rig, ~8 feet long, 6'5" wide. Fits in minivan.
Stable and nice sailing youth trainer. Get you kids interested!
$1800 ($2200 ready to sail with plate runners)
Located in Illinois, near Chicago. Can be delivered to Madison, LaCrosse or anywhere near I- 90 enroute to MN first weekend in Dec.
Contact by e-mail: KenDNSmith@
Hull is light basswood, inside , fore deck and tail finished bright, side boards outside cool neon-green/black. Telescoping tiller.

First-Ice predictions for MN?

December 3rd is coming up fast! Any predictions on how far northwest we'll have to drive for the DN Western Challenge regatta?


Geoff S.
DN US-5156

NITE Bend characteristics

Are there optimum bend characteristics for the NITE mast and plank that are avaiable? Ex-this distance between two sawhorses and this much weight equals this much sag...??? How about the springboard?

Wanted: Bag for 18 ' mast (Nite or Renegade would fit)

I am looking for a bag suitable for my new 18' J-14 mast. Please call 608 233-8408 or email me at:

Thank you.

Excellent DN Package

Older Geogeon wedge style boat Painted black ,Runner plank, sarns chocks, with Kenyon Fast aluminum mastlike new and Matching sail.Includes Plate runners also have Inserts available as option. Has new Ash hollow boom harken pulley all hardware , covers for mast ,plank,hull in new condition . $2300.00 OBO

Optional same boat as above with new cabon fiber mast never sailed and matching Bower sail in new condition Race ready add $800 to above price.
The boat is in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. we can possibly deliver to Minnesota the first week of december.
Contact by email or call 262-569-7000

For Sale: DN Boom - New


Condition: New
Year: 2004
Price: $90
Contact info: George
Phone: 517-980-4609

DN Boom

• Ash
• West System Epoxy
• Hollow in middle
• Finished with Helmsman UV
• Includes acrylic boom crutch

Photos available, e-mail me

For Sale: DN Plank - NEW

Condition: New
Year: 2004
Price: $225
Contact info:
Phone: 517-980-4609 (Lansing, MI)


• West System Epoxy
• Glass Reinforced on Bottom
• West Special UV Coating – All sides
• Finished with Helmsman UV

• 2 7/8” Crown
• 1 5/8” deflection at 180 lbs.; 1 3/4" at 200 lbs.

Photos available.

I have two other planks for sale with different deflections and construction. Email me if interested.


The NITE Iceboats #473 and #474 advertised on October 30,2004, have been sold. Thank you for all the inquiries. I wish I had more NITES available, but I don't.

To those that I E-Mailed that the boats would be at the swap meet on November 7th at Williams Bay, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Jim Zahorik
Delafield, Wisconsin 53018


I have 2 beautiful NITE Ice Boats For Sale

#474 is a Two Tone Blue Hull with Blue Mast and Blue Runner Plank, Flat Cut North Sail, Complete HARKEN Cover for Hull and Runner Plank, HARKEN removable Head Rest
Asking Only $5900

#473 is a Red Hull with Red Mast and Red Runner Plank,
Cover for Hull and Spring Board, HARKEN removable Head Rest, This boat is offered for Only $4900

Jim Zahorik
1948 West Shore Drive, Delafield, Wisconsin 53018
Home 262-646-4848 Cell 262-490-1412

Beginner seeks input, RE: Hobie cat sail/mast combo...

As a beginner here, was wondering if anyone has any
experience and/or knowledge of using a Hobie 14
mast/sail combo on an iceboat?? Use would be
casual sailing only, NOT racing, although the
performance of this combo on my Hobie 14 may not
leave much choice. The boat, as I have drawn it up,
would be roughly 15' long by 10 feet wide. The
Hobie 14 mast is 22' high, the sail roughly 85-90
SQF. I intend to sail it only in lighter winds -
I have a smaller windsurfer mast/sail for more wind.
Intend to make the boat easily convertible from one
mode to the other. Any input??

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