Nite National

The Nite National is postponed until December 11th and 12th. Hopefully we'll find some ice that's not so far north. But if we don't, get ready to travel. The only alternative is to NOT sail. And we didn't buy these boats just to stare at them.

Lodging for this years Western Challenge Regatta

Regatta headquarters is the:
Best Western, The Falls Inn & Suites
925 Western Ave, I-94 & Hwy.210
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

When you make reservations mention that your with the iceboat group and get a discount. The rate for a double room is $65.

Acomidations include:
96 Guest rooms and suites
Hero's Family Eatery & Sports Bar
Complimentary Expanded Continental Breakfast

Lodging is also available at:
526 Western Ave. N.
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Fergus Falls is aproximately 15 miles West of the Ashby Exit on Hwy 94. The Alexandria hotels that we have used in the past are booked due to a hockey tournament this weekend. Directions to lake Christina are posted under the heading Ice information. Basically, Take the Ashby exit, go north to mile marker 8, stop and look right. Launching is along the shoreline.

Ashby lodging suggestions?

As a first-time visitor to the Ashby area, I'm wondering where to stay?

I'm not much for great luxury, but a nice bed, a warm shower, and a short drive to the launch site are always nice.


Geoff Sobering
DN US-5156/Laser 145234/Renegade 510

Fill up the Tank, Buy your Tickets: Christina Update

Saturday 1:00 CST Lake Christina, Ashby, MN 32d F. Partly Cloudy.

Short Version, Buy your ticket Jorg!

Long Version: Driving up to milepost #8, the launch site on Lake Christina, Jorg Bohn, G737 called to ask if the ice was suitable, and if he would be well advised to buy his ticket to come to the regatta.

The snowfall from yesterdays event appears to be ~ 1/2" deep, covering perhaps 90 percent of the lake, it got plenty wet from the rain that fell intermitently, and didn't blow around much. Alexandria indicated 0.01" of total storm precip, Fergus Falls station indicates No Measurable. We didn't get much, and it shows no water stains tell-tailing holes or cracks.

Christina, She's Back!

Ashby MN,

I briefly walked on both the north arm of Pelican Lake and on Lake Christina in the Ashby MN area this morning.

Observations: Local temp 28 F, First Snow last night, ~ 1/4".

ashby, mnPelican's main body is over 60% frozen, the customary very early fish houses in the gap between the main lake and the north arm are not yet there, (they generally appear the same day we do) The north arm where we sailed last fall is substantially frozen, the same three holes on the west end are visible, water stains show the cracks along the north shore along the highway. The lake is 20% snow covered in 1/4 - 1/2" drifts that will not be noticible when sailing.

Side car plans

Where can I obtain plans to build a side car for a DN?

Minnesota Ice

We will be inspecting ice conditions in the Ashby MN area tomorrow 11/26 (North arm of Pelican and Lake Christina)... and will post observations on this site.

Local temperatures have been below freezing for 72 hours and the forecast is favorable. Cool & dry for most of the next week. At 10:30 pm, last night we observed ice from shore, in near calm conditions and 22 degrees F, could not discern how much of Pelican Lake (Ashby, MN) was indeed frozen, Ice at the public access marginaly bears weight. Ponds in the area which freeze ~ concurrent with Christina are frozen.

Contingent on what we find, some may attempt a first sail on Sunday 11/28.

Minnesota Ice

We will be checking for ice on November 26. The forcast looks colder for the next week and we are optimistic. Our ice report will post on this site.

boat trailer

A few of us in Lansing are looking to build a small boat trailer suitable for behind a car/mid size suv. Something to hold 3 to 4 boats...any tips and suggestions would be welcome.


Grand Traverse Ice Yacht Club (GTIYC), Traverse City, MI

GTIYC has a new web site and plan on keeping it active and up to date throught the year. We cover NW Lower Michigan. To get regular updates on our ice conditions, where we are sailing, and regatta information, check us out and add us to your links.

Thanks, see you on the ice,

blast from the past LAST YEARS results

So everybody can pick a fight this year... and remember how you did last year..

Here's a link to LAST YEARS Western Challenge results...

Lake Oahe, South Dakota

Earlier this fall I was out hunting near Mobridge, SD. Residents there said that they had almost no snow all winter and the lake was iced over firm enough for fishing.
Anybody ever ice sailed on this lake? Have heard that resevoirs can be treacherous. Locals indicated otherwise.
Chip P

Site Wish List...

I'm going to be upgrading the site to the new drupal code. Drupal is what this site is using for the content management.

I'll also be playing with the layout a bit. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of a 2 column setup, so the forum's and pictures have more room. And try to get rid of some of the front page clutter.

I'll also add a few features like bookmarks, pictures on the front page, removing those comment pulldowns, adding html chat, buddy lists, notifications on forums.

I'd really like to see some sort of WAP/phone interface so you could check/check-in using those new high-tech phones. With a picture phone, someone could do a pretty good early morning on-scene report.

How are runner bodies shimmed?

I've heard talk of using a spare chock to align all runners the same by shimming. I've built a laser runner edge sight, and have a pair of laser levels for chock alignment, but I'm not sure about what shims are constructed of, etc.

Opti DN

Not a toy, this is a great sailing little boat. Very stable and controllable. Could also fit light adult with narrow butt, (not mine).
Basswood OPTI, including sail and rig, ~8 feet long, 6'5" wide. Fits in minivan.
Stable and nice sailing youth trainer. Get you kids interested!
$1800 ($2200 ready to sail with plate runners)
Located in Illinois, near Chicago. Can be delivered to Madison, LaCrosse or anywhere near I- 90 enroute to MN first weekend in Dec.
Contact by e-mail: KenDNSmith@
Hull is light basswood, inside , fore deck and tail finished bright, side boards outside cool neon-green/black. Telescoping tiller.

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