cut-off date for entry forms to '05 worlds


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Posted by: Paul Goodwin on November 30, 2004 at 12:57:16:

The cut-off date for entry forms (without penalty) is December 31, 2004.

You can get the Notice of Race and Entry Forms for the
Worlds and North Americans on the IDNIYRA-NA website:

Wanted: Used DN runners and Chocks

Looking for some runners and chocks for a DN....


Looking for a cheap but solid DN for my first ice boat.

Located on Harrisons Bay, Lake Minnetonka

you can contact me at:



DN-Sunday Series Spring Park, MN

FUN, ICE & Wind on Sunday! 6 DN'S sailed from noon till dusk. Ample sailing area & ice is smooth from shore to shore.


Ice in Madison, finally...

Speed at Dusk
We finally got some sailable ice here in Madison. For now, it's tiny lake Wingra, but some of the larger lakes have also frozen and we're hoping for good sailing later this week and next weekend. (scroll to the "December 18, 2004" posting).


Geoff S.

Minnesota Ice

I drove from Fergus Falls to Minneapolis this afternoon...

We have abundant ice in Minnesota... there's no snow along I 94 from Minneapolis to Fergus...probably one lake for each iceboat in the state are perfect right now.


Well... How was Swede Lake you lucky bastards?

Wind looked nice. How was the ice?


I am new to iceboating and I would like some info pertaining to adjusting the mast rake according to different wind conditions. I have an older wood mast and I would also like to know if this mast should be more virtical then a whip or more set back.
Thanks for your help.

Montana Ice

Good ice in Montana if anyone is heading this way!

Weekend iceboating location?

Where is this weekend's iceboating gathering location (in MN)?

Are there any bays of Mtka adequately frozen yet?


A sticky situation was been amicably resolved regarding the use of a non-conforming hull in the National. Greg Simon was originally not scored because his hull is not fiberglass nor made by the class-approved builder. Greg believed he should have been scored because he had his boat measured several years ago by the builder.

The technical committee reversed their decision as of 12/15/04 and the '04 champion is now Greg Simon. Terry Erwin shifts to second.

The final, final results are:

Lake Christina holds rare Nite regatta

Lake Christina was an awesome venue for the Nite National. Only 12 boats, but we set the tone that hopefully will influence the fleet in the future -- early season iceboating in Minnesota is great stuff.

Thanks to the JD, Jim McDonagh and Mark Kiefer for local information and race support. It's much appreciated.

Results should be posted on the Nite site shortly.

Cool photos from Christiana...


    Christina 12/11/04
    A foggy Start at Christina 12/11/04
    Christina 12/11/04
    Christina 12/11/04
    One more from Christina

And something else...

    Test sail on Christina

Nites on "Christina"...

There's a report by Madisonian Niter Greg Simon about the Nite Nationals posted on:


Geoff S.

How was Christiana this weekend?

It looks like the winds today may be a bit much:

35 mph, gusting to 43!

Yesterday's winds looked much better. How was the sailing?


Geoff S.

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