Going to GC & NA's next week?

hell bent for glory
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yes, and I'm from Europe
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If the ice is good, if it's not too far.. if it's not bitter cold...
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Gold Cup and North Americans Postponed for One Day

I just called the hotline and registration has been moved back to sunday.

The deep freeze that is forcasted for thur-fri-sat-sun is the reasoning behind the one day postponement.

That means registration now starts at 5:00pm on Sunday not Saturday.

Lake Pepin is still the primary site.

Western Regional Results

Gold  R1  R2  R3  R4 R5 R6 R7 Total Tot w/to
1 Markham Chatterton 4811 1 2 7 2 3 3 10 28 18
2 Mark Christensen 4824 2 3 4 3 2 4 5 23 18
3 Rob Evans 4975 DNS 9 3 1 1 5 1 41 20
4 John Dennis 4691 5 4 1 6 9 2 9 36 27
5 Wendell Sherry 45 3 1 5 8 8 10 3 38 28
6 John Davenport 4961 4 8 10 10 4 7 2 45 35
7 Lou Loenneke 294 6 5 9 5 5 12 6 48 36
8 Rick-E Lenmberg 4755 8 7 12 4 15 1 4 51 36
9 Steve Orlebeke 4926 9 14 8 7 6 6 7 57 43
10 Mark Isabell 5014 7 10 2 15 10 8 13 65 50
11 Bob Cave 445 10 11 11 12 13 16 14 87 71
12 David Kickhafer 4602 12 12 6 17 11 14 16 88 71
13 Mike Jankowski 3271 16 13 19 13 7 15 11 94 75
14 Rick Lemberg 4155 13 17 16 9 17 13 12 97 80
15 Pete Johns 2360 14 6 15 19 20 9 19 102 82
16 Erich Schloemer 4319 11 18 13 11 16 17 17 103 85
17 Tom Meyer 602 17 20 14 14 14 11 15 105 85
18 Ken Smith 4137 16 15 18 18 12 18 18 115 97
19 Jim McDonagh 5214 18 19 17 16 19 19 8 116 97
20 Jose Norton 781 15 16 20 DNS DNS DNS DNS 135 114
21 Ron Schloemer 4473 19 21 21 20 18 20 20 139 118

Lake Pepin was a great host to the 2005 Western Regions

Lake City, Mn
Lake Pepin, Mississippi River

harvested from iceboat.orgIt was a great location on a huge sheet of ice nestled in the Mississippi river basin. There is a long history of iceboating on Lake Pepin so it had a great feel to it and there are large bluffs on both sides that make for nice scenery. The bluffs also effect the wind.

The race committee did a great job setting up the course, promptly moving the mark when the wind shifted on Saturday, and efficiently scored all the races. All the racers really appreciated their effort.

We had 21 boats in the gold fleet and 17 boats in the silver fleet.


I recently ran across the plans to build a Scooter somewhere on the web. I believe it was through a link to one of the iceboating web pages. However, I cannot find it again. If someone knows of this link, please let me know.

Also, if anyone has experience sailing this craft, could you please tell me about it.

Western's "ON" Jan 8-9 | Lake City, Mn

from the idniyra bbs
Posted by: John Davenport on January 06, 2005 at 18:46:26:

Lake PepinThe 2005 Western Regional Championship Regatta has been called "ON" for this weekend, Jan 8th & 9th on "Lake Pepin" sailing out of Lake City, MN. This huge lake only received 0.5" of snow from the last storm and was clear befor that. It was sailed Sunday and today. Hotel info and directions to the launch site to follow...

Lake Waconia, MN

The twin cities seems to have missed yesterdays snowball.

I drove past lake waconia, waconia minnesota this morning... the lake appears covered with the same 1/4-1/2" of styrofoam grade squeeky snow as we found sunday on lower lake minnetonka.

There is enough area to sail a championship course, albeit there may be a fish house on the course someplace.

With a warmer weather forecast the snow should soften up a bit and sublime making a suitable if not excellent potential venue.

Contingent on icechecking in other areas, this venue should be explored by boat... seeking volunteers to sail and report conditions.

2005 Western Regionals


From the idniyra bbs
Posted by: John Davenport on December 21, 2004 at 07:51:24:

Just a reminder that the Westerns are scheduled for Jan 8th & 9th on the best possible ice in the Western Region. Hotline is 414-299-9305. Regatta info will be on the hotline no later than Thursday, Jan 6th at 9:00 pm CST.

More Info
Hotline: 414-299-9305 -- updated Jan 6th at 9:00 pm CST
idniyra bbs | regatta notices of race & updates

Complete DN for sale

DN for sale includes everything seen in the picture and a hull cover. please call or e-mail with any questions. $1200 obo
Rob Linden
located in toledo but can help deliver

Snow got you down, try snow kiting

When the snow kills our iceboating, we break out the kites! Skiis, snowboards or what have you, use what you have and don't let the wind go to waste. Drop me a line at montanakitesports@yahoo.com or check out our website at montanakitesports.com for more information!

Keith Kallio

Montana Ice Canyon Ferry Lake

9-10 inches of ice, with more forming every day. ( boats are on the ice, with a mass launching this weekend. Bring on the wind!

Keith Kallio

Lake Pepin, MN/WI Ice Report for Sunday, Jan 2, 2005

Took a chance to drive down to Lake Pepin to see what the ice looked like on Lake Pepin after the New Years Snow/Sleet/Freezing Rain came through the MN/WI area on New Years afternoon. The ice was fantastic on Sunday. Miles of clear hard ice and no fish houses to avoid! Sailed the northwest end northwest of Lake City, MN off a boat landing NW of the City. Bring your shoe ice cleats because everything is coated with a half inch of ice. It will work for DN's but anything on a trailer will need to find a flat approach to the lake at another location.


2005 Quantum Inland DN Flat (Speed) Sails in Stock

Quantum Inland Sails has 2005 Flat (Speed) Sails in inventory and ready for the 2005 World and North American Championship. Contact Jim Gluek to get one of these great sails. Quantum Inland uses the best cloth, superior sewing and special service for all of their iceboat sails. 2005 Race sails include windows,numbers and a bag. Racing battens are also available.

Quantum Inland Sails
Jim Gluek
Phone: 262-646-7610
Fax: 262-646-7611

Main Lake

I sailed my Skeeter and DN on Main lake, Wayzata bay, Excelsior bay, Gidions bay and all points in between today. Main lake is pretty awsome with the best ice along the Deephaven shoreline. There are many frozen drifts here and there, but easy to sail around. Also some pretty rough areas in the slot between Greenwood and Big Island. We crossed the pressure ridge between Big Island and just south of MYC easily right near Big Island. No ridge between Wayzata and Main lake, a large ridge between Brackets Point and Big Island. I didn't try to find a crossing there but did find a good spot earlier

Mtka Ice Report

Went sailing yesterday (Wed) on Excelsior/Gideons and slot. I setup at the public beach to the West of Tonka Bay marine. Good launch site. The ice in front of Tonka Bay Marine is smooth, but a relatively small area. Gideons is also very smooth. There are some extensive rough spots just outside Excelsior bay heading towards Wayzata down the slot. All the wind right after the initial freeze seems to have pushed a fair amount of ice around, hence, the rough spots. Didn't have a chance to venture to the main lake, because the wind was dying in the slot and it would have been a long walk back. There are some good lanes out there, but no big sheets of ice to make a big racecourse. I will be heading back this afternoon and hopefully the rain will have smoothed some things out.

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