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Have you paid your 2004 IDNIYRA dues?

56% (19 votes)
44% (15 votes)
Total votes: 34

think ice

think ice

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WYC Annual Banquet


I don't have many details, but they can probably be found at

1st weekend on the ice...


Sunday 11/9 Minnesota Ice Sailing Assoc will attempt Pelican lake.

4695, 602, 4691 are among those planning to sail..

Just south of Christina, Directions to launch site:

I 94 to Ashby Exit - N on 78, Check public access on Rt, appx 2 miles no of the I94, if nobody's there when you drive by, continue past the Coot, take the next Rt on Co 82, to the Ashby Resort. Launch off the Ramp at the Ashby Resort.

Ice Report: The north Bay of Pelican has 4+ inches of pretty smooth ice, Fish houses on the lake... 3/4 mile legs... The main body of the lake may come in depending on tonights temps (2 spectacular inches there today) the North bay froze a couple days earlier, but is a bit rougher... Note... the West edge of this bay froze a day after the other 90 % of the bay...

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Iceboating on North Bay of Pelican Lake, Ashby MN.

Four DN's sailed 9 races Sunday on the north bay of Pelican Lake, Ashby MN, (that would be turn right at the first paved road after the Coot. The ice was characterized by consensus as "About a 10".

Sailors: 602, 4691, 4695,4824

Ice thickness was observed to be in the majority of this bay to be 4-6"... having said that, there were 6-8 former "duck holes" in the sailing area in the 2 - 2 1/2 inch thickness range (and optically clear)

picture of launch site.
Asby, Mn launch site

2004 North American DN Championship Regatta


2004 North American DN Championship Regatta – February 21-24
The Primary site is the North American Central Lakes Region.

Notice of Race and Entry Form will be published in Runner Tracks and on the

2004 Central Lakes Championship


Notice of Race and Entry Form will be published in Runner tracks or at theIDNIYRA site

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