Tonka Bay, Lake Minnetonka, MN

A number of DNs, led by US 602, will attempt sailing on Tonka Bay, Lake Minnetonka MN today.

Detailed Ice Report, as well as launch site suggestions will be posted later in the day.

Think Ice

MN -Lake Minnetonka is Frozen over.

12/12/03 12pm
I just spoke with some one who lives on the main lake of Minnetonka and they said the entire lake froze over last night.


36" plate runners

36" plate runners are hard to find, either used or just the raw material. I am looking for two good shape 36" plates, or a source to get the steel, preferrably profiled.

Corey Hughes, NIte 341

Western Challenge - Preliminary Final Results

Andy Flying

Buffalo, Minnesota

Sunday, 06 Dec 2003

Ron Sherry wins the 2003 Western Challenge!!

The 2003 Western Challenge has to go down as one of the best challenges in recent history. With three great days, including the practice day on friday (hey, it's usually the best day), of fresh breezes and smooth ice all thirty-six participants could go home with their fill of iceboating. Novice iceboaters and some of the best iceboaters in the world, including three europeans, and the world champion, took on the Western Challenge and were rewarded with some of the best conditions for iceboating.

Here's how many races we got in;

10 informal practice races on friday

6 races on saturday

3 races on sunday

After getting three races in on sunday morning we had our nine races needed and the regatta was over. The traveling crews could leave in the early afternoon to get a jump on the long drive home.

Thanks to everyone who participated to make this regatta such a great time, and a special thanks to all of those who traveled long distances to come and sail with us.

Congratulations go out to the top four local boys:

Mark Christinsen (us4824), Third Place

John Dennis (us4691), Fifth Place

Rob Evans (us4975), Eighth Place

John Loomis (us4923), Fifteenth Place

The regatta finished with three races sailed on sunday in 16-20kts of a fresh southerly breeze. The blowing wind started to create snow drifts to keep everything interesting. With the strong puffs and the snow drifts there was a premium put on driving and trimming skils.

The downwinds were intense as competitors tried to keep a runner flying all the way down to the leeward pin to minimize snow drag.

There were quite a few photographers at the event and we hope to have a some pictures posted throughout the week.

Here's the preliminary final results.

Western Challenge, Day One

Saturday, 06 Dec 2003

Buffalo, Minnesota

Western Challenge

Day 1

Six races plus a practice race (for the RC) were sailed in a south breeze of 14-18kts. Temp was in the high 20's, partly cloudy.

The snow cover from thursday night wasn't much of an issue, and some racers were even using their quarter inch runners when the wind picked up.

We had a great turn out with 37 boats participating in the regatta. There were also a few nites..

Here are the preliminary results for the first day of the Western Challenge..

Friday, Buffalo Lake

25 DNs sailed today, on Buffalo Lake, Buffalo, MN The N NE breezes of 12-18 mph made the inch of snow recieved overnight unnoticable. Many of the front running boats used speed sails. What a hoot!

Photos will be posted


Buffalo Lake, Buffalo, MN

Overnight snow accumulations in the area are about an Inch. We plan to update this site with current conditions later this morning.

9:00 am local time

There is an 1" of snow on the lake and there are a few dn'ers setting up in the launch site. They are planning on sailing today with insert runners.


Western Challenge Regatta, Off Ice Information -

Off the Ice Information


Friday, Practice Racing, Tuning, and catching up with old friends. No formal social activities are planned.

Safety Meeting 9:30 on the ice, at launch site
First start: 11:00
Racing Concludes no later than ~ 4:00 pm (that would be half hour before sunset)

Saturday Night in Buffalo: Boonedocks Saloon & Grill
2448 State Hwy 55 Buffalo, MN - You should notice Boonedocks on your way in to Buffalo it's east of the hotel on Hwy 55, we've been there before, when it was under a different name... in fact they're still talking about G 107 there. :)

Western Challenge Regatta, day 2


We plan to continue sailing Sunday until no later than 2:00 local time.

Buffalo Lake, Buffalo Minnesota

Buffalo Lake, Buffalo Minnesota

Dec 1, 1:30 pm local

I walked approximately 1/2 mile west from the public landing (Sturges Park) launch site.

In an effort to avoid the surplatives these conditions call for...
er... It's a 10!!! Never ever gets any better than this... WunderIce... Quicksilver...Optically Clear... Difficult to stand without spikes...

4.5" of see through ice... the top crystals are appx 18 - 24 inches in length.

Directions to the Huge Sailing Area on the lake... Sail to the center of the lake...sail 3/4 mile downwind to starting line... course shall be 1.25 miles... leaving us an ample start & safety area ...and plenty of lake beneath the weather shore...

black ice for western challenge?

Buffalo Lake, Buffalo Minnesota
Sunday, 30 Nov 2003
Lake Buffalo,
Buffalo, Minnesota

There is about four inches of black ice (measured at the start of the first band of smooth ice).

Ice fisherman have been going out for a couple of days.

The weather
from the weather underground is looking good for the week. No big storms forecast and no big heat wave. Of course no big cold spells either...

DN Western Challenge Update (Dec 6 & 7)



Several lakes of suitable size appear worthy of consideration at the present time, (frozen, nominal snow cover) Notably, Buffalo and the shallow lakes near Ashby, Christina & Pelican, both in Minnesota.

Based on what we now know, we're "pretty sure" the primary site will be Buffalo Lake, Buffalo Minnesota.

The MISA is seeking a nominally qualified race official to assist in starting/scoring this epic ice battle. Volunteers may contact Mark Kiefer or John Dennis.

For those travelling from out of state in particular, please note there are several Buffalo names in Minnesota, please make certain you are travelling to the right one!

Checked three lake this morning

Whaletail 4-5" snow ice,1/2"snow on top Swede 3-4" blackice,1/4"snow on top Buffalo 1-2"blackice no snow not safe

Who's in the photo?

Scott C,
Great photo you posted. Who is it?


wanted ..... old hull

I am looking for an old hull... if you have one laying about that needs TLC please give me a call..


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