DN Plank Construction article?

Looking for a link to an online DN plank construction article if anyone knows of one.



Pelican lake

The word is that Pelican Lake is still frozen. At this point we don't have a report on the ice thickness. If anyone is close an ice check could result in some sailing.

Colder weather in next week's forecast

Getting my weather from the http://wunderground.com (weather underground) it looks like some colder air is coming in this next week. Mostly 20-30's with a 40 degree day in there somewhere. After the warmer weather this last week a doubt there's any good ice around. (All though I hope someone can prove me wrong..) All of us procrastinators, like me, have another weekend to get the boat fixed up, and get the runners sharpened. So get the boat all ready, find your winter kit, and then we'll all be ready for some new ice in the next couple of weekends.

think ice

Braided sheet line and blocks

I am interested in information on rigging my DN with a braided sheet line. What size of line, how long the is the braid to be, what pulleys/blocks work with the braid (including mfg/part/model #'s) and anything else pertinent to this area. The pulleys on my recently obtained DN won't allow passage of a braided 1/4" line, hence any time the sheet is hauled in, the braid is in the bottom of the boat. Not much help in my estimation. Ratchet blocks, etc.???

Sarns Plate Runners For Sale

Sarns Plate runners new Sarnes plate Runners Dichromate finish. I have numerous $450 Finished Sharpened $400 finish yourself. Rastbob@aol.com 262-569-7000 Located in Oconomowoc WI.

Iceboating.net is back!

Iceboating.net is back online!

After close to a year of being down it is back and better then ever.

In addition to the standard forums, stories, and events, the new site contains a photo gallery so that registered users can post iceboating photos. There is also a personal photo gallery and blog that users can use to document their iceboating adventures.

The loosely knit members of the Minnesota Iceboating Association hope that this can be a portal for all things related to iceboating. We are from Minneasota, so expect Minnesota centric postings, but anybody is free to use the site for any iceboating related topics.

We invite everyone to participate and make this site a great site for iceboating. The site will thrive on community participation so any feedback to the site would be appreciated. There is a forum dedicated to how the site is performing, so post anything that you like, don't like, or can't live without. I'll do what I can to make the site better.

Runner Sharpening

I'm back up and running. If you need runners sharpened call JD at 612-840-9855. Set of three $36.

Speed Clinic


I propose a speed clinic so that we can get a day of practice in for the Fall Classic the following weekend. We need to hold off those hard charging speedsters from MI that keep taking the trophy out of the area.

Unofficial Nite World Championship


The Unofficial Nite World Championships is scheduled for December 13/14 in the Twin Cities area. There are many suitable lakes within 30 minutes drive. This is the best time of year for the northern lakes prior to the snow, and it's hoped that sailors from southern Wisconsin will make the short trip . It's a casual early-season regatta with plenty of opportunity to share tuning ideas and experimentation. Saturday night's activities will feature dinner at "The Table" -- details to be provided at registration. Housing requests are welcomed with advance notice. Final lake location to be determined Thursday, December 11th with details found that week on the unofficial hotline, 952-471-7831.

Image gallery is going..

We can now post pictures, or I can batch load a bunch of pics. The personal gallery is a bit funky. No folders on personal gallery pages.. but that's okay.

Have you paid your 2004 IDNIYRA dues?

56% (19 votes)
44% (15 votes)
Total votes: 34

think ice

think ice

from the think ice cover..


I'm playing around with the themes... so you might be getting a different look.. but it's the same stuff..


WYC Annual Banquet


I don't have many details, but they can probably be found at wyc.org

1st weekend on the ice...


Sunday 11/9 Minnesota Ice Sailing Assoc will attempt Pelican lake.

4695, 602, 4691 are among those planning to sail..

Just south of Christina, Directions to launch site:

I 94 to Ashby Exit - N on 78, Check public access on Rt, appx 2 miles no of the I94, if nobody's there when you drive by, continue past the Coot, take the next Rt on Co 82, to the Ashby Resort. Launch off the Ramp at the Ashby Resort.

Ice Report: The north Bay of Pelican has 4+ inches of pretty smooth ice, Fish houses on the lake... 3/4 mile legs... The main body of the lake may come in depending on tonights temps (2 spectacular inches there today) the North bay froze a couple days earlier, but is a bit rougher... Note... the West edge of this bay froze a day after the other 90 % of the bay...

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